Thursday, November 27, 2014

Midnight Huntress (for Sammie)

Transcript: “Hey Sammie, Boss Vitti’s boys just spotted Joey Malone at 42nd and La Rue. They want you to handle the snatch.” George continued to relay information as it was communicated over the secure phone line.

Sammie’s perfectly manicured fingers pressed lightly on the concealed clips securing her blonde wig as she gave her appearance one last check. Truth be told, Sammie was a natural red, but Joey Malone was known to be quite fond of bombshell blondes and Sammie intended to exploit every advantage. Ironically, the golden tresses were only a relatively minor deception.

Legally, Sammie didn’t exist. In fact, she wasn’t even female. Her real name was Nate, but only George, a long time personal friend and now business partner, knew that. It was amazing what a little cosmetic skill, assistance from staunch shapewear, and sly knowhow could do for a ‘girl’. Even stripped down to her knickers, no man would ever suspect her of anything. Sammie grinned craftily and giggled. The Mayor certainly hadn’t! Oh my, had that been a fun night!

“42nd and La Rue?” Sammie asked to no one in particular as she dabbed just enough perfume behind her ears and on her wrists to yield a subtle but irresistible temptation. Her practiced femme voice was a rich melody of dulcet tones and spine tingling notes that even a Greek siren would envy. “I know exactly which joint Malone’s going to. Tell Vitti he’ll have Malone before midnight.” There was no hesitation in Sammie’s claim. She would have Malone begging to be wrapped around her little finger and willing to fulfill her every whim within an hour. The other two hours were merely for toying with her prey.

The night was young and the game was afoot. Let the hunt begin.


  1. Amazing artwork here. You not only get all of the images right (including the text), but the story is wonderfully suited to idea and the style. It sounds like an old crime film (with a a "twist"). Great stuff!

    1. Thanks! I've been watching a lot of old films lately so I've had a bit of inspiration! Thanks for noticing the styling and presentation of the cap! I definitely put a lot of thought and work into it as well, so it's nice to hear that you've noticed!


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