Friday, June 26, 2015

The Datebook (for Simone)

A Friday night ritual...

So I'd been intending to make something for Simone for awhile (since about January actually), however I've also been struggling a lot with the creative process. But with summer here, I decided I had no excuse and sat myself down to drag a cap out of me. More or less it worked. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, as it's been a long time since I've written anything. The last cap I wrote was probably around September (I time release stuff here on my blog, or let it sit until I'm happy with it), so it definitely dusted off a lot of cobwebs in my brain!

Transcript: A refreshing hint of fresh lilies—from the delicate dab of Joy Parfume by Jean Patou she’d rubbed behind her ears earlier—stroked Simone’s senses as she swept her silky locks out of the way. Casual as it was, the coordinated swing of her neck was majestic nonetheless. Transforming herself physically into a goddess naturally made her to act like one too.

After hours of preparation, Simone was near ready to make her Friday night debut, the perfect way to unwind after a long workweek. Shedding Mark’s crisp suit and tie as soon as she got home, Simone had spent extra time in the bath today with her favorite Epsom salts to put her in the mood, letting Mark’s dreary old day dissolve away as Simone’s took form. The multitude of film grade prosthetics had been tedious to apply, but one couldn’t argue with the dramatic results. Just a touch of liquid foundation, and an opaque powder to set it, effectively concealed any edges, making her voluptuous figure appear au naturale—and along with a few other tricks, completely feminine from head to toe. Her non-stretchy satin panty was innocuously dainty, but also performed double duty as a strong gaff to ensure her feminine illusion would remain unblemished, should the evening become a tad…exciting.

Selecting the bra and panties set from her extensive collection had been taken the better part of the last hour. You never knew who might see them before the end of the night after all! Simone’s eventual choice, the luxurious black satin pair she was currently wearing, was a present from one of her many suitors, Petro if she recalled correctly. Ah yes, the long hot summer nights she’d spent in his coastal Mediterranean villa, those had been fun. Simone made a mental note to return one of Petro’s persistent calls in the near future.

Now to decide: a classic black little number from Armani that oozed appeal or a flirty crimson dress from Versace that was both elegant and sexy? Both were new additions to her closet—thoughtful presents from different admirers. Not that it mattered much, regardless of her choice in wardrobe, Simone would soon be swimming amidst a sea of suitors and plethora of drinks. That Simone was sure of. Even with a handsome man around her arm, her radiant presence alone was enough to draw the desiring gaze and fumbling service of any male within a three-mile radius.

Now who was it again tonight? Simone thumbed through the pages of her leather bound datebook, which in her case literally was a date book. How else was she supposed to keep track of her line of suitors three months in advance? Ah, it was Ryan. Simone smiled. He was one of her favorites, definitely the Armani then, perhaps the Louboutins as well. Ryan had a good appreciation for the finer things in life. Simone tossed an extra smudge proof lipstick into her purse as an afterthought; she’d learned the last time Ryan was a very good kisser…among other things.

Simone’s phone buzzed, a text from Ryan: he would be taking her to the Four Seasons tonight, some new four Michelin star restaurant that was apparently all the buzz, then a live show afterwards. Simone smiled. Ryan was off to a good start. Still it was a marathon and not a sprint. But, no matter, even if he couldn’t finish the race, Simone had a dozen other eager men on speed dial who could. Tonight was going to be a good night.


  1. As I told you at the haven, I will ALWAYS treasure this gem! I LOVE it and I can't say enough wonderful things about it. A million thanks yous!

  2. Terrific caption! Very immersive writing


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