Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Blow Power

Blowjobs: They're underrated.

But anyways...some good news and some bad news for those who enjoy my caps. I've recently gone into a capping frenzy and produced several more new caps which I will be time releasing over the course of the next few weeks.  The bad news is that I'm out of ideas and inspiration for the moment, so after those caps are posted, it'll probably be awhile before I make anything again. But who knows, I may find my muse sooner than I think!

Transcript: Blowjobs. I’ll say it again, blowjobs. I love them. No, not getting them, giving them. A lot of girls hate giving head. They think it’s degrading and submissive to have a man’s cock shoved down their throat. They couldn’t be more wrong. Sure, I’m not actually a girl, but I look enough like one to have a valid opinion don’t I? Most guys I meet tend to think so. To them, I’m just another pretty-faced airheaded tart with an oral fixation, whose only marketable talent is the ability to uncork a wine bottle using only her mouth, which by the way isn’t as easy as it sounds. It’s why they choose to ignore the subjugated appendage straining in my teeny lace panties—hey, even a good tuck job can’t hide that monster once it’s awakened. Besides, the instant I wrap my heavenly cherry-glossed lips around their shaft, even the fact that I’ve got one too becomes irrelevant.

I should know. Had I spent as much time putting my lips to the flute, I could’ve been first chair. But cocks are just so much more fun to play. The bigger the better…usually. There have been a couple so big that they each gave me lock jaw for hours. I’m admittedly a bit of a size queen. I mean, big cocks tend to have big balls, and big balls tend to have lots of cum in them—enough for more than just a taste. Nothing turns me on more than having a guy blow a huge, hot load all over my face after I’ve sucked him off in some public place, the more dangerous the better. I always swallow it all. Waste not, want not. Sometimes, he’ll miss and my eyes will be red for the entire day, a reminder each time I look in the mirror of just what a dirty little slut I am. It’s my pleasurable little secret. 

So am I an expert? I suppose you could call me that, though I prefer the term connoisseur.  Sucking cock isn’t a science, it’s an art. And it’s not just about the mouth. The blowjob begins the moment you begin sinking slowly down to your knees, your hands sliding softly down his chest and your wide doe eyes entangling his soul with a promise of passion. It’s not about using this much teeth or having that much tongue. It’s about can your velvet lips electrify him with a touch, or your tongue make him quiver with a single delicate flick. Can you make him drop to his knees and beg for release because you’ve brought him to the edge over and over again, but denied him each time? Can you make him moan and groan like a desperate man, roll over, play dead, and give you anything you want? 

I can, because when his cock is sheathed between my succulent lips, he is completely mine. I control his pleasure. If I stop, he is denied gratification. If I choose to, I can take him to seventh heaven, but I’m in seventh heaven the whole time. And he thinks he’s getting the better deal. Sucker. 

Blowjobs. Gotta love ‘em.


  1. I adore your gift for turning the most deviant submissive situations into erotic power plays. It's one of your standout qualities and I hope you'll find your muse again soon because it would be a shame to see so little of it from here on on out.

    This "girl" here completely owns what she is. There is no shame in her lust or desire. She sees her power and she revels in it - sex as a weapon and turning the visual into her advantage. Her chosen lovers see what they want to see and she provides the rest with her talents. And the writing! Oh my, so erotic! It's charged with carnal energy! It feels very much like a declaration or manifest destiny. I seriously didn't even NEED the images (but they do add something to the entire package.)

    Thank you for making this, dear and have a wonderful holiday.

    1. I think half the fun of making a caption is reading the wonderful comments I get from you! I think this sort of sexual power, elegant sensuality paired with deadly carnal energy, is something we both greatly admire and it's a favorite theme of mine to explore. Perhaps I'll come up with more soon! Thanks!

  2. Wonderfully descriptive, erotic caption. Captures a lot of what I would think, too.


    1. Thanks Jillisa! This is definitely one of my favorites that I've written in the past!


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