Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Golden Opportunity

Now I ain't saying she's a golddigger, but...

Transcript: Was it low and underhanded? Probably. Was it vile and wretched? Sure. But was it also deviously brilliant? Absolutely. In fact, it might have been Jamison’s best plan for a con yet.

The target: Mr. Cowden—old, no close relatives, and swimming gold like Scrooge McDuck. Thus, despite having already drafted his will, Mr. Cowden had yet to name a beneficiary. Furthermore, although Mr. Cowden had been in many romantic relationships, he had never been married, which meant that whoever did marry him—and it wouldn’t be for long at this point—would likely be entitled to the majority of his estate. It was a golden opportunity, no pun intended, just waiting to be seized. 

Now as good looking as he was, Jamison highly doubted that he was the old man’s type, though of course, you never knew. Based on his extensive research however, Jamison had gathered that Mr. Cowden was quite partial to young voluptuous blondes. Rather than wasting his time trying to find the ideal female partner however, Jamison decided to create her.

Two months later, the mask and bodysuit had been honed to completion and Jamison had obtained all the necessary documents to establish ‘Miss Jenny Wagner’ as the legal resident of 451 Pinewood Drive and new neighbor to the elderly Mr. Cowden. ‘Jenny’ hadn’t had to wait long after that.  Within days, she had been invited by Mr. Cowden to attend a private party at his estate, where she had stunned him in a flirty pink dress and played the part of the perfect girl: smart, witty, ravishing, and most importantly, available. Had Mr. Cowden’s heart had stopped for another beat he would’ve needed a defibrillator. The pair became an item within weeks. If balancing the carrot and the whip was an art, then Jenny was its Renoir. With relentless teasing and gentle pleasing, she had painted a seductive masterpiece. Four months later, Mr. Cowden had proudly announced their engagement while Jenny showed off her dazzling two and a half carat diamond ring. Another three months later, the two were married in a lavish, paparazzi-draped ceremony.

When it finally came time to lay Mr. Cowden to rest, his new widow bawled rivers for the cameras—it would be improper not to after all. Still, Jenny was sure she’d find a way to get over her grief soon. She still had eight hundred and seventy four million good reasons to help her move on after all.


  1. Again you walk the line between wicked and fun. Perhaps it's wicked BECAUSE it's so much fun. This is standout writing as well, some of the best I've seen from you. Just those little touches to the word play push it above most work.

    1. Thanks! I've been trying to incorporate more similes and metaphors to create vibrant imagery--something I see you do frequently and greatly admire in your writing! It helps the reader see the same old mundane in a new way, which is what I believe great writing is all about: artistry but also clarity. Cons are always a favorite trope of mine. Perhaps it just has to do with the fact that it's easy to involve a pretty lady who knows how to use what she's got to get what she wants!

  2. Your caps are always well written. This is the only captions blog I've seen that has strong and well written lead characters. I also love how you mix different types of captions and don't stick to just one type. Keep it up. :)

    1. Thanks Hazel! I appreciate the compliment greatly! I take great pride in my work and it brings me great joy to hear that you enjoy it!

      Also, if you liked my blog and haven't checked out Mistress Simone's ( yet, you should definitely do so! Reading her captions was what inspired me to improve the quality of my prose and presentation! I think you'll find her work is top notch!

    2. I know, I love her work too, but you do more bodysuit captions than she does.

    3. Hehe, that may do with the fact that bodysuits and masking were my first window into TG so it's a favorite of mine! I'm glad you like them too!


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