Thursday, January 30, 2014

Unexpected Surprises

Caught. With no way out. What will his girlfriend say?

Another take on a classic trope...

   “Robbie! What in the world?”
    Robbie stifled a yelp as his longtime girlfriend Emma burst in upon him. Dressed to the nines en femme, there was not a single convincing explanation Robbie could think of to help him weasel his way out of this one. So much for keeping this a secret. Robbie braced himself for the impending onslaught.
    “What are you doing!? That fuchsia dress is mine isn’t it? I can’t believe you, Robbie! Why would you do this!? Why?”
    “Emma, please, I know you’re upset—”, Robbie began.
    “Upset? I’m appalled! Look at how you're dressed! It's disastrous! And that persimmon-colored hair: simply dreadful. How on Earth did you get that anyways?”—hair extensions and a slight coloring mishap. “Quite frankly Robbie, I’m very disappointed with you. You should know better, given how long you’ve been dressing behind my back! No, no, no, we’ll have to fix this!” Emma remarked with mild amusement.
    She knew? Robbie could only remain frozen as Emma drew close. To say he was stunned would be an understatement. Robbie gulped as Emma began using her creamy hands to thoroughly inspect his appearance.
    “Ooh! I like these,” Emma squealed in delight, as she squeezed his silicone breast forms. “But this dress simply won’t do! No, these gorgeous girls deserved to be displayed in all their luscious glory! A dazzling corseted cocktail dress perhaps…”
    “Come quickly now, Roberta. I can call you Roberta now can’t I? I think it would be awfully embarrassing for you if you were to be called Robbie out in public," Emma tossed Robbie a few comparatively mundane articles of clothing from her closet. "Now, hurry up and put these on. We’re going shopping!”
    Robbie could only look on, flabbergasted and atingled, as Emma sauntered off without another word. What other marvelous adventures lay in store? Roberta couldn't wait to find out.

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  1. It's always better when someone close shares the girly fun. She's going to be an even more irresistible babe when she's done now. Fantastic work as usual.


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