Sunday, January 12, 2014

Seven Heavens to Hell

It's the countdown to both pleasure and doom...

A comical rendition of a classic detective caper.

Transcript: Splash. The ice-cold sensation across Maximillian Greth’s face was almost as irritating as the slab of rock he seemed to be laying on. Where am I? This is definitely not my Tempur-Pedic mattress. 

“Inspector Greth, if it isn’t the legendary detective himself, how nice of you to join us.” 

Greth turned to face the voice of his captor: the nefarious Madame Chang, and by her side, two glamorous scantily-clad women, one of whom he recognized. He chided himself silently. I should’ve known better than to trust that busty brunette fox. Her boobs are obviously fake. 

Chang continued, “I supposed you would meander my way eventually. It was very thoughtful of you to send me presents in advance of your arrival. If you look carefully, you’ll see I’ve stewarded them well.” 

“Johnson? Hopkins?” Greth asked incredulously. His exquisitely fine-tuned brain had computed an impossible outcome. By Madame Chang’s statement, she had insinuated that the two magnificent creatures before him were the two junior investigators that had vanished months prior!

“Yes, marvelous isn’t it?” Chang noted Greth’s disbelief with satisfaction. Of course, it made it even better that Greth had almost gone to third base with Maya, the brunette. 

“We had to pull a full medical team from the opposite coast to make sure they were finished in time, but we got it done: hormones, surgery, and all. Girls? Girls!” Chang motioned for the two fiery vixens to do a full turn-around for Greth, only to find their lips locked and spirited hands fondling each other’s breasts.

Madame Chang sighed, “Regrettably, the psychological conditioning may have worked a little too well. Mia and Maya are such sexually charged souls now that they’ll make love to anything they can get a hold of. We eventually had to double-lock the fruit storage room for obvious reasons. We had to have something to eat after all.”

Greth was disappointed Chang had cut short her explanation before she had gotten to the good part. “I’m afraid I still don’t understand, how?”

“You’ll find out for yourself soon enough,” Madame Chang smiled darkly, “because you’re next. To make things easier, we’ll be draining you of all your male essence, your sperm, first. Once you’ve been completely drained, we will proceed. Maya and Mia, you may suck his cock now.”

That seemed to make their day. Forgetting about the other’s breasts for the moment, Maya and Mia dashed across the room with astonishing speed and practically ripped off his pants, each struggling to claim the first taste of their prize. 

Greth couldn’t believe he was saying this, “Let’s not be hasty now girls, you want to make this last don’t you?” He could already feel the pressure building. 

Madame Chang merely cackled as she left her girls to their business. “Don’t worry girls, we’ll let him ejaculate seven times before we continue,” then turning to Greth, “now we’ll find out how long you can really last. Don’t feel too bad if you lose control much sooner than you thought you would. Maya and Mia have both had plenty of practice in our service. The last poor fellow barely made it to twenty six seconds before he coated Mia’s insides with fresh cream. Just remember, seven and you’re done, so try not to enjoy yourself too much.”

The door closed, leaving the three of them alone. Okay, think about something else. Phosphofructokinase is an allosteric enzyme regulating glycolysis, Lord Byron was a romantic poet born in 1788 and—

Greth groaned. One. Only six chances left.

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