Sunday, January 26, 2014

Looking Pretty (for greatgooglymoogly)

Romantic bonding never pans out the way it's imagined...


    “Relax Nikki, or you’ll be too tense to perform the strip tease on the car hood!”
    Nick’s head immediately snapped to his right, a horrified expression on his face.
    “I’m kidding Nikki,” his girlfriend of three years, Denise, smiled shrewdly. “Seriously though, relax, you’re doing great. Just smile, wave, and look pretty.”
    Easier said than done. It wasn’t the first time Nick had been out in public as Nikki, but it was the first time he had ever been the center of so much attention, well, one third of it at least. The other two thirds were shared equally between Denise and the over-priced luxury vehicle they were both showcasing.
    It was also the first time Denise had ever really met Nikki. Nick had confessed his secret to Denise after dating her for two years, and Denise had been surprisingly accepting of his taboo desires, but Nikki had remained a private part of his life, save for the occasional borrowing of clothes. Before today, Denise had seen never seen him completely en femme, with full makeup, hair extensions, shapewear, breast forms, perfume, and all, just bits and pieces here and there, which was why Nick had been surprised when Denise had approached him with the idea a week ago.
    Denise worked as a model—how he’d been so lucky to end up with her he still had no idea—and had been hired to work at an expensive auto-show as a ‘produce specialist’, euphemism for eye candy. Unfortunately, the other model that had also been hired had broken her leg, so Denise had asked Nick to fill in for injured girl, as Nikki. He hadn’t really had a choice. Denise had already told the auto-show directors she’d found a replacement.
    So here he was, wearing one of Denise’s more conservative dresses, a stylish red number that provided complete coverage of the bust, standing next to a one and a half million dollar Koenigsegg Agera S, and trying not to panic at all the stares he was receiving. Denise had already explained to him that the men were simply taking mental pictures, or actual ones, to store in their spank bank for later, a fact that he had found far less reassuring than Denise had probably intended it to be, but at least he hadn’t tripped over his surprisingly painless four inch stiletto heels…yet.
    Nick felt Denise placed a warm, comforting hand on his shoulder. “Hey, really, I think you’re doing great. You look gorgeous. In fact, I was thinking, after we get off here,” Denise’s voice dropped to a whisper as her hand slid down to his waist, “maybe you could show me some more of Nikki tonight…in the bedroom? I’ve always wondered what it’d be like to make love to a beautiful girl. We could even play mistress and pet. You’d like that wouldn’t you? Don’t bother answering, it doesn’t matter. A pet only seeks to please her mistress, isn’t that right, pet?”


  1. Can you please make one where the guy in a bodysuit or realistic prothetics is the domme?

    1. Perhaps. I usually try to draw my inspiration from the picture first (so much easier than trying to find the perfect picture after!), so we'll see if anything suitable arises!

  2. Just throwing the idea out there. You do awesome work still, so I can't complain. Its more than I can do myself.


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