Sunday, January 19, 2014

Playtime (For Simone)

All work and no play makes for a very dull day...

Well...this took me long enough. I've been in caption debt to Simone since...oh dear. I can't even remember. I remember talking with Simone on numerous occasions and wanting to do a capback for the wonderful captions she'd made for me. Unfortunately, I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist...and when I get such delicious morsels as the one she gives me, I want to do my best to match it. But being a perfectionist, my cap never seemed to reach the same level as hers. Thus, I scrapped a lot of ideas and never quite finished any. This one was somewhat of a serendipitous production.

When I first saw the picture, I knew immediately what sort of story I wanted to make for it. Of course, a few things changed along the way, and it evolved as I wrote (such as my little cameo).

In this caption, I write Simone as a bit of a naughty seductress, albeit part-time. She still holds a corporate day job as Mark, but she transforms herself once she gets home to her preferred persona. She leads numerous double lives, not just the male/female duality, but also having multiple lovers, of both sexes! I think options are always great, but we'll have to see how Simone likes that aspect. At any rate, I kept this one a little lighter with a bit of raunchiness thrown in just for good measure. Hopefully it cooks well!

Transcript:  The clock had barely struck a quarter past five before Mark flew furiously in through the front door. Callously discarding the pieces of his suit as he made a beeline for his most prized possession, he was completely disrobed by the time his fingers grasped the golden amulet and his lips uttered the ancient rites. A thunderous plume of white smoke followed the blinding flash. Seconds later, a luscious honey-dripped siren emerged.

“Ooh there, that’s much better,” Simone—as she preferred to be called in this form—cooed, the syllables of her voice lubricated with sweet seduction. It felt so good to be able to slip into something more comfortable at the end of the workday.

A dazzling, long diamond necklace still adorned Simone's graceful swan-like neck: a memento of her previous adventure. Her toes curled reflexively as she relived that night’s events. James Harden III, the young and handsome son heir to his father’s multi-billion dollar financial firm, gifted well...and was well gifted. Though not as well gifted as the man who had bought her the tight, white lace teddy she was wearing. Patrick was a true stallion and one she loved to take out and ride often. But every now and then, Simone craved a softer touch that Patrick or James just couldn’t provide. That was Kendall's specialty. A tall, lithe, raven-haired beauty, she was equally skilled with the tongue and lips, and almost as gorgeous as Simone, almost.

Simone focused her thoughts as she reached for her phone. Now who did she want to play with today?


  1. I can't believe I didn't comment on this via your blog! I loved it when you gifted it to me at the haven and I still love it now. There are few I trust to make me something I would enjoy again and again but you are high on that list, dear Kendall. I'll just say it's wonderful you are making more captions.

    1. Aww! You have no idea how happy and flattered I am to hear you say that! You are a caption artist I highly respect, so to get that kind of praise from you is truly phenomenal!


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