Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Utilize your assets, virtual or not.

Transcript: So what do you think? Looks pretty real doesn’t it? It’s not, though you probably couldn’t have guessed. It’s a special vaginal panty that creates the perfect imitation. It’s soft, penetrable, and even capable of getting a little wet thanks to a few hidden lubricant reservoirs. After a while, it even warms up to a natural body temperature so you’d never suspect it’s not actually my own sinful flesh.

    Look at it. It’s so sweet that it would make any red-blooded male pitch a circus tent faster than a spring-wound jack-in-the-box pops. All they’d be able to think about would be how good it’d feel to slide inside those pink lips. Can you believe that I actually have a not-so-small six inch cock hiding beneath this? Even from the inside of this you’d never be able to tell. It’s wrapped away carefully in a thick sheath and confined to a hidden space inside the panty.

    I love the way it lets me look. Even stark ‘naked’ I look like a real girl, smooth flat front, plush shapely bum, thin delicate slit and all. With my hair styled girlishly, my makeup done, and two pert little mounds glued to my chest, there’s no reason to suspect that this tight little body isn’t one hundred percent girl. I’m sure my new sugar daddy won’t.

    He and I have already been chatting online for the last couple of weeks, but today is our first official play date. He’s such a sweet, and by sweet I mean rich, dinosaur. He’s already sent me a set of lovely half carat lily cluster diamond drop earrings—from Harry Winston no less—to show how much he’s enjoyed our cyber sessions and he’s only promised me more. All I have to do is take him to cloud nine and pop his champagne from time to time. I think he’ll be satisfied don’t you?

    Oh, I believe that was him at the door now. I hope he took his medications before he arrived. He’s going to need them once he takes a look at this.

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