Sunday, February 2, 2014

An Auspicious Arrangement

A fortuitous occurrence chanced by fate of two loves given a second chance...

Transcript: Hey Ethan. Shocked to see me? Never thought you’d see me here again like this did you? Confused? Let me explain. This is gonna sound crazy, but I’m not Kelly. This is Kelly’s body, but I’m not her. It’s me, your Aaron.

How? Well, today I met a very peculiar old man who told me that he would grant me one wish in thanks for my assistance. Well, you know that I’ve always wished that I had been born a woman, so naturally I first thought of asking him that first, but that seemed like a ludicrous request. Then I thought of you and Kelly; how despite how cruelly she’d treated you, you still loved her and how dejected you’ve become since the break up. For a brief time, I also considered asking him to bring you two back together, but that too seemed impossible. Unable to think of anything else, I was about to politely decline when the old man looked at me with a funny face and told me that both my wishes would be granted. Naturally, I didn’t believe him at the time, but the evidence is pretty irrefutable now.

No, I don’t really know how it all happened beyond that. All I know is that I am now in Kelly’s body. I have no idea what happened to her. The only one who could really answer these questions is the old man and he seems to have disappeared. Don’t bother looking though, believe me, I’ve tried; I have a million questions too. I’m sorry that this isn’t exactly how you imagined getting back with Kelly would be like, but look at it this way. I’m your friend, I know you Ethan. I don’t mean to sound rude or condescending, but I truly believe that I could make a much better girlfriend for you than Kelly ever could. I know your likes, your dislikes, the things that make you happy and the things that piss you off. I could be the sweetest and most loving girlfriend you’ve ever had, not the cold bitch that Kelly was. So what do you say?

Oh, you liked how Kelly dominated and humiliated you? Well say no more, just give me some time to go retrieve the whips, leather, and toys from my room. I can be a kinky mean dominatrix too.

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