Tuesday, February 11, 2014

One of the Girls (for Linda Mallone)

Andrew's friends hatch a plot to get him out of a bind...

Transcript: “This is going to work, Andrew, just trust us,” Claire reassured her former boss, who at the moment looked like anything but himself.

Andrew still wasn’t sure exactly how they’d done it, but the girls in his secretarial pool had worked wonders with their makeup brushes and turned him into one of them. Claire had even somehow managed to fit him into one of her sleek business suits. The lingerie, stockings, and heels were loaners from Tara, another secretary. It was all part of the girls’ insane plan to get him back the job that Sam Marquand, an ambitious and ruthless power player who was in good with the top, had stolen from him. Andrew had always been kind to the girls and they weren’t about to let him hang out to dry. 

“Now remember, you’re going to take these papers into Sam’s office and introduce yourself as the new girl, Linda. Give him a smile and bend over nice and low so he gets a good look when you tell him where to sign. Evelynn and Pauline have been teasing that asshole for days now, so he’s all worked up and he’ll bite at anything we lure him with, not that you’re substandard bait.”

Claire paused to look him over once more, “You actually make quite a pretty girl, no offense intended.”

“None taken,” Andrew replied, careful to use the practiced femme voice that the girls had taught him. Claire seemed please to hear him use it.

“You shouldn’t have any trouble getting him to snap; just a little more seemingly innocent teasing ought to do it. I’m afraid you’ll have to let him grope and fondle you a bit, but the more you can get him to do, the better. Just keep in mind where the cameras are. I can’t wait to see his face when he finds out the sexy little secretary he’s been getting all hot and heavy with has actually got a cock! And from what I hear from the girls in the other office, you’ll be putting him to shame too! But don’t worry, Tara will be just outside his office on standby to make sure you have an out if things start to go awry, but regardless of how he reacts, we’ll get plenty of evidence to charge him with both sexual misconduct in the workplace and infidelity. The judge and his bosses won’t be able to ignore that. I know I can’t wait to see the tape. I’m sure his wife can’t either!”

“His wife? She knows about this?”

“Who else do you think got us the keys to Sam’s office so we could plant the cameras in the first place? Us girls have to stick together!”


  1. A cunning plan what could possibly go wrong?

    1. Finding out Sam and the girls (and his wife) had planned this all to shoot and sell their new film "TG Secretary Gets Deflowered"?


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