Sunday, February 23, 2014

Midweek Merriment (for Jillisa)

The weekend isn't always the best part of the week...

Jillisa is one of the girls who frequently comments on my posts at the Haven, so I really wanted to make something for her as a way of thanks. Based on what she's said about my caps in the past, I knew I wanted to include a good romance and a naughty blowjob at the end, and this is what I came up with.

Transcript: It was the second Tuesday of the month, and an otherwise ordinary day, but everything had been prepared to perfection. The entire house was spotless—the faint whiff of pumpkin spice floated through the air, while a sultry smooth jazz melody lulled whispers of sweet seduction. Jillisa fidgeted and checked her appearance in the mirror for the hundredth time—her hair and makeup were still perfect, the same as the last time she’d checked, but she still wanted to make sure.

Today was layover day, which meant that Sean would be in town again for the night. Sean was an airline pilot, half Spanish and half sexy, and every bit as dreamy as a starlit summer’s night. The two had met several months ago at a local bar, where Sean had charmed the cautious and guarded nature out of Jillisa. Naturally charismatic and undeniably good looking, Sean had had the type of gentle touch and warm gaze that seemed almost out of character for his large, well muscled stature. Maybe it was the drinks, or how she felt safe in his arms, but Jillisa did something that night she’d never done before. She told Sean her secret: that she hadn’t been born a girl and still wasn’t completely one. To his credit, Sean had only choked slightly on his drink, but otherwise remained calm and listened to her story. The rest of the night had passed uneventfully, though Sean had asked her for her number at the evening’s end. When he returned the next week, Sean had surprised Jillisa by calling her up and asking her out to dinner. Of course she’d said yes. The chemistry that evening together was inexplicable, as most great things are, and from then on, Sean and Jillisa were inseparable whenever Sean was in town. 

Jillisa was still primping when she heard the doorbell ring. Standing at the door with grin on his face and a bouquet of roses in his hand was Sean, ever the image of her dashing prince. He hadn’t forgotten. To celebrate their six month anniversary, Sean had made reservations at the swankiest locale in town. It turned out to be a fancy place, with tuxedo waiters, bubbling champagne, and a different piece of silverware for every course. But throughout the entire dinner, Jillisa couldn’t wait to done, so that she could gorge herself on the one thing that she was really craving, Sean’s cock. She could already feel Sean’s fingers running gently through her hair, and then along the back of her neck, her back, and then even lower, but until then, she would have to settle for discreetly massaging Sean’s member with her foot beneath the tablecloth. It was a very naughty thing to do, especially in such a high class establishment, but she couldn’t help it. Jillisa could tell Sean was getting very excited too. The check couldn’t seem come fast enough.

The lovebirds weren’t even through the front door before Jillisa had her long legs wrapped around Sean’s waist, the two of them sharing a smoldering kiss. 

“Oh baby, how I’ve missed you,” Sean whispered longingly in her ear. 

“I know,” Jillisa replied. She could feel his steel rod pushed up against her. “I’ve missed you too, honey, but it’s never too late to start making up for lost time,” Jillisa cooed as she dropped down to her knees, her hands finding their way inside Sean’s trousers and around his cock. Sean quivered and Jillisa smiled. Her teasing was having the desired effect. She licked her lips to get them wet and then took him in, slowly, teasingly, and then finally, completely, “Mmm, I’ve been craving some cream for dessert. I’m sure yours will do. It’s always better when it’s fresh.” 

Jillisa’s head bobbed up and down Sean’s shaft with expert skill, pushing his cock all the way back down deep into her throat, but she didn’t gag. This was the feast she had been waiting for. She loved the way her mouth was completely filled by Sean’s big hard cock. Her tongue played a musical scale while her fingers danced across the top, milking, massaging, and caressing. She reluctantly slowed her pace as she watched the muscle’s in Sean’s upper thigh begin to tense; she was going to make it last. Tonight was going to be the best Tuesday of the month, guaranteed.  


  1. You've been providing some really torrid and steamy romantic fantasies of late. I'm afraid you'll have everyone wishing for their own flyboy once they get through reading this. Also loving your visuals.

    1. Hehe, thank you very much! I've been in a bit of a steamy romance sort of mood lately so you'll probably see a lot more of these soon!


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