Saturday, February 15, 2014

Wishful Thinking

Sometimes wishes do come true...

Transcript: Craig had always fantasized about becoming his sexy neighbor Morgan, but he’d never thought it would actually happen. Of course, he’d never believed in magic either before today. As it turned out, Morgan was a sort of witch in training and one of her practice spells had gone awry, causing them to swap bodies! Morgan had ordered him to stay put in her apartment, and not to get any funny ideas about touching ‘herself’, while she went to go see some others who might know how to fix their bizarre predicament.

But she had said nothing about just looking, which was exactly what Craig had begun to do as soon as Morgan was out of sight. For just being in the house and practicing spells, Morgan sure had on some raunchy lingerie. The revelation had made his mind wonder what other silky, lacy wonders Morgan had and had prompted him to spend the next couple of hours modeling the contents of her wardrobe’s intimates. But the real fun had begun when he had discovered Morgan’s naughty assortment toys at the bottom of her lingerie drawer.

Craig never would’ve guessed that Morgan was such a kinky girl, but there was a lot he was learning today. He’d selected a clear dildo from the slightly larger side of the spectrum and found the lube in the nightstand to the left of the bed, though to be honest Morgan’s body was so wet that the lubricant hadn’t really been necessary. Technically, he wasn’t touching ‘herself’, it was the toy that was touching, and Morgan hadn’t mentioned anything about that either, though she probably hadn’t counted on him finding the toys in the first place.

The well lubricated dildo had slid in easily and Morgan’s well practiced muscle memory was soon finding all the secret sensitive spots that only she knew. The longer Craig continued, the more he found himself fantasizing about a real sexual encounter and imagining that the dildo wasn’t a plastic replica but a real, live throbbing cock, attached to a virile, tireless lover.

Craig was so enthralled in his fantasy that he didn’t even heard the lock in the front door turn, the footsteps come down the hall, or the bedroom door creak as it opened, until a suave voice, which Craig recognized as belonging to Morgan’s boyfriend Tom, interrupted his thoughts.

“Damn you are so sexy,” Tom remarked as he looked ‘Morgan’ over. He raised a playful eyebrow as he noted the discarded lingerie on the bedroom floor, “Getting started without me? I hope you weren’t planning to finish before I got a chance to join you.”

Well, technically, it still wouldn't be him touching...

‘Morgan’ smiled, “Never. I just didn’t want to bore you with the foreplay.”

“Oh, well in that case…” Tom’s trousers hit the floor a split second after his shirt, “…let’s get started.”

Wishes weren’t the only thing that would be coming true this afternoon.


  1. That's a rather hot bodyswitch fantasy. Not quite my preferred way of doing things but it's hard to argue with the results when they come out so well. So racy and tempting. I will it DOES tap into the fantasy of becoming a sexy slightly older woman. (I could be wrong but it felts like the story points that he might be younger than her.). Regardless, it's very erotic and I might have to read it again after I finish posting this!

  2. I kind of imagined that they were about the same age, but I suppose it is quite ambiguous and you could read it any way you like. While I generally don't prefer body swaps either, I do think it's fun to become jump into an established life from time to time.


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