Thursday, August 21, 2014

On the Prowl

Be wary, her eyes will eat you right up...

Transcript: Tim struck a pose as he studied the reflection in the mirror that was not his own: ‘Aunt Jessica’ looked as fabulous as ever, as she should. The impeccable mask and bodysuit he’d made weeks ago never failed to please and with hours of study and mimicry under his belt, Tim’s impersonation of Aunt Jessica looked as natural as blue skies on a sunny day. The clothes, of course, were also authentic. Tim had taken the liberty of ‘borrowing’ a few things form Aunt Jessica’s wardrobe the last time she’d visited.

Surprisingly, the leopard print blouse had been far from the most exotic item Tim had found in her suitcase. The electrifying black lace lingerie he was wearing underneath felt almost as sinfully exquisite as it appeared. Despite Aunt Jessica’s more mature age, she had only become finer with her years, like an expensive wine. Many a man still found their words caught in their throats after catching a glimpse of her. Besides, she was still as youthful and energetic as ever where it counted.

Giving himself one last look over, Tim grabbed the elegant leather purse on the table, also courtesy of Aunt Jessica, complete with her ID and credit cards, and found her lipstick.

“Can’t go around kissing the boys without leaving a little evidence behind now can we?” Tim cooed, mimicking Aunt Jessica’s deep husky tones perfectly. ‘She’ always did like to leave a little something behind on the men she seduced, a bit like a great cat marking its territory and making its claims.

There, perfect. Then, grabbing an assortment of condoms, ‘Jessica’ carefully tucked them away in her purse—she didn’t want to give any of the boys the wrong idea about just what kind of woman she was, but you never knew what might happen on a night out on the town! Of course, they weren’t really necessary, since she couldn’t actually get pregnant, but it was always fun to keep up the fa├žade! 


  1. I love how you flesh out a story. This is my favorite of yours to date. The kind of caps I enjoy writing.

  2. Once again, you make the moment of getting ready a ritual worth deconstructing. I'm going to just revel in this one for a bit - I love everything about this one.

  3. I live for your bodysuit captions! Excellent as always!

  4. Great bodysuit caption but Jessica is going to be in over her head tonight because she will meet a wizard, He tells he so but she does not believe it till the next morning and CAN'T get out of the body suit. how to explain things to your mom when you look and sound like her sister, and your Dad to lose his son to gain another sister-in-law. But it gets even better when your old body shows up and Aunt Jessica is in it and she tells you about her old friend the Wizard who owed her a favor.


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