Friday, August 15, 2014

Girls Will Be Girls

There is much more to this pair than it would seem...

Transcript: “Mmm, oh my god, yes Marie! I want you to shove your enormous cock all the way up my tight wet pussy! All the way in, yes, YES!” Denise screamed in ecstasy as her trembling fingers clenched the sheets, her French tipped nails nearly piercing the expensive silk.

“Shh, not so loud!” Marie whispered loudly as she quieted her lover with a kiss, “your husband thinks you’re showing off to me the new dresses he bought you yesterday.”

“So he thinks,” Denise replied with a smile.

Marie and Denise simply looked at each other and just giggled. If only Denise’s husband knew what they were actually up to he would be furious! Especially once he found out that Marie was actually Denise’s long time lover Sam in disguise. Denise’s husband was a very jealous man you see, in addition to also being very rich and powerful, and had forbade Denise to entertain any male company out of fear of infidelity, so Sam had had to adopt the guise of a demure, ravishing woman, whose femininity was beyond a shadow of a doubt. A cleverly arranged wardrobe malfunction and deceptively lifelike prosthetic had seen to that: completely shaven, the thin slit had been obviously visible, even in the dim light. The breast forms Marie used regularly were also just as convincing. Self-adhesive, the seams could be concealed with a little makeup, leaving no trace that she’d been ever born without them.  They were even warm to the touch—capable of absorbing and retaining body heat, which was why Marie never presented herself before having at least worn them for a half hour, ensuring their credibility to the inadvertent and sometimes intentional touch.

“I’m going to have a lot of trouble looking at you Sam without imagining Marie when we finally make our getaway and stop all this pretending,” Denise lamented.

“Oh and is that such a bad thing? I dare say I’ve never felt you wetter,” Marie replied.

“No, but I’m not sure things will ever go back to the way they were,” Denise confessed with a wistful look in her eyes. Marie understood what Denise meant.

“Then why go back? Why imagine? When you can have the real thing? I’ve actually quite enjoyed being Marie and I’ve given it some thought: perhaps this could be a permanent change, even when it’s no longer necessary. Oh it’ll cause scandals of course, two beautiful women living together, but that’s never stopped us before has it? So what do you say darling? Does that sound like a plan?”

Denise used one arm to pull Marie in for another charged passionate kiss while she used her other to push Marie even deeper inside of her. That was a yes then. 


  1. Oh, my, Kendall! This brings back some memories!!! Although, my girlfriend wasn't married or wealthy, my breast-forms weren't very realistic, and it was she who went by "Sam". But, if she had admitted this in our absolutely passionate girl-gurl embrace, I'd have joyfully acquiesced to her request as well!!!
    Way HOT, sweetie!!!

  2. I love how you flesh out a story, bring it to life. Your longer stories are very exciting.


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