Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Woman in White

Transcript: A trickle of light business conversation, gossip, and laughter could be heard flowing over the artistic stone walls that surrounded the posh outdoor veranda. The clink of glasses was surely vintage champagne. James still wasn’t sure what he was doing here. Such a stylish soiree wasn’t really his scene. Still the chance to impress his boss and other company executives was too valuable an opportunity to pass up. James sighed as he approached the quiet entrance archway. Alex was nowhere to be seen. He and Alex had been friends for years. Out of desperation, James had asked Alex to attend the event with him as his plus one. Preferably, James would’ve brought a dazzling date, but that hadn’t worked out.

The chic blonde sitting by the front archway smiled and took her sunglasses off as he walked up. James returned the smile, but paid no further heed. “James!” an exasperated whisper James recognized as Alex’s voice called out behind him. For a moment, James was confused; there was no one else around but the blonde. She raised a familiar unamused eyebrow at James and suddenly he found himself both understanding and more confused by the situation at the same time. “Alex?”

“Well if you want to give it away, then sure.” Alex’s voice suddenly changed register, becoming sweet, bright, and melodic. “Or you could call me Kendall.”

James opened his mouth to speak then hesitated, unsure of how to phrase his thoughts “I’m not sure I…how are you…you’re not actually…uh…”

Kendall cracked a wry smile, “Just a little help from the glamour department, some high quality prosthetics, and plenty of hair extensions—took me a few hours. Oh, and a lot of duct tape.” Kendall gestured down below. “No one ever said being a woman was easy.”

James cocked his head quizzically at the last item, “Do I want to know?”

“Probably not, but just know that you won’t have to worry if I pull a Marilyn Monroe.”

“I see…” James actually didn’t. “So I suppose you’re my date?”

Kendall slid gracefully off her perch and glided over elegantly atop her stylish heels, “Aww, you’re so smart babe,” she remarked with a candid smile and convincing mock sincerity.

James couldn’t help but stare. With one arm wrapped delicately around his, and her head leaning gently on his shoulder, she was playing the role uncannily well. Kendall mistook his gaze for disapproval, “Oh come on, I can’t look that bad. This dress is a Marc Jacobs!”

“Oh no, not at all!” James gathered himself, taking a deep breath, but still turning a bit red as he spoke, “No Kendall, you look absolutely stunning and your dress is very lovely.”

“Aww really? Well if you like the dress, just wait till you see what I’m wearing under it!” Kendall beamed and teased before sauntering off through the archway entrance, beckoning at James playfully to follow. After everything he’d seen so far this afternoon, James wasn’t sure if Kendall was being serious or not. But he really kind of hoped she was.


  1. So classy Kendal. Playful, teasing, a hint of sweetness and a hint of mischief.

  2. Everything about this cap was fabulous. The dialogue, the picture, the flirting. I especially liked the Marilyn line and the fact that James didn't get - typical dumb guy!


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