Saturday, January 31, 2015

Half Hour Act

Transcript: Jesse gulped as he watched Jackson, a literal Greek Adonis, swagger into the room and ease into the bed, wearing nothing but a bath towel too small for his enormous frame. Jesse’s step-sister Monica was just putting the final touches on his appearance, fastening his sleek silk stockings to the tight sheer basque giving him his illusionary hourglass figure; it was the same outfit she’d caught him wearing a week ago.

Monica leaned seductively close to Jesse’s ear and whispered so that only he could hear, “Remember the terms of our agreement, dear?”

Jesse nodded, too petrified to speak. This was actually happening. If he could fool Jackson for at least thirty minutes, he was in the clear. Else if Jackson discovered that Jesse wasn’t quite the ‘girl’ he appeared to be, it would be quite literally his ass on the line. Monica could be a real sadist at times.

That was the arrangement—Jesse’s punishment for getting caught. And to prepare for this evening, Jesse had done everything in his power to keep from getting caught again. Beginning with a generous hour-long bath with the most exquisite salts to make his skin as soft and supple as possible, the potent exfoliation cream he used afterwards had left his skin as smooth as silk. Applying the make-up had taken nearly twice as long. Though he was naturally gifted with a fine bone structure, it still took the skill of an expert artist to paint the delicate features that now graced his countenance. His cleavage was also a cleverly contoured illusion, made complete by savvy padding. Jesse had been careful to think through every detail. Not only were his artificial blonde hair extensions entirely natural in appearance, they were also firmly secured to withstand the zealous grip of a domineering lover. A carefully placed choker concealed the male projection in his neck while a much more complex and uncomfortable apparatus hid the other bulge down below. His dainty panties presented nothing but a perfectly smooth flat front. He’d even smeared a bit of lubricant down the front, giving the appearance of being wet. His fa├žade was as perfect as it was going to get. Now it all depended on how well he could play the part.

At least his voice wouldn’t give him away. Jesse had spent hours making certain of that. Sure he was no Lauren Bacall, but his pitch and intonation were convincing enough. Just as a test, he’d auditioned for a phone sex company; they’d offered him the job. Still, a live in-person audience was a different matter.

Half an hour. Jesse’s only chance to avoid being found out was to occupy Jackson’s full attention with tantalizing lingual tact, and he didn’t mean witty repartee.

Monica smirked as she turned to leave, “Don’t be so tense, Jesse. You’ll never fit him all the way between those pretty little lips of yours if you don’t relax your throat—especially considering how big he is...”


  1. You just know how to melt your readers. I'm glad I caught this little gem. Beautiful

  2. May you please do more possession captions.
    They do really interest me. :)
    Your captions are the best. :D

  3. "... "...compared to my little brother, eh, Jesse?!" added Monica in a parting shot as she closed the door behind her.

    Jesse's pretty face blushed with humiliation as he saw the truth of his sister's observation. He hurried to distract Jackson from the subtext of Monica's comment and, very quickly decided a half hour might not be enough time for him to finish his act. ..."

    Ooh, Kendall, what predicament Jesse's in! A rock & a herd place, so-to-speak!


    1. Oh my! What a great ending! I was definitely struggling to find a way to wrap this caption up and I absolutely adore this version! Thanks Elle!

    2. No thanks needed from you, Kendall! If anything, Thank you for the wonderful cap to be inspired by! And just knowing you don't mind my little addition is more than thanks, Hon! :-x:-x


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