Friday, May 24, 2013

Hot 'N Heavy Workout

Here's a quickie!

Transcript: Since being transformed by a vengeful ex-girlfriend that also happened to be a witch-in-training, Andy has since begun to take an increased interest in exercise, particularly cardio. Not only is cardio great for maintaining a flawless figure, but also for increasing heart health.

These days, Andy usually hits the gym in her favorite white fitness catsuit several times a week, much to the delight of the male regulars. She typically plays coy, but always makes sure to give them a show as she strains and gets out of breath. Then, when she finds that she’s become too hot—or too horny—for her clothes, she’ll pick the first muscular hunk that catches her eye where it counts and take him somewhere else where they can both do something that’ll give their hearts a special workout.


  1. Fun cap Kendall! I especially like the sexy photo and how you copied some of it to extend the text area!

    1. Haha, thanks! Good eye for noticing! I originally started trying to fit all the text onto the photo itself, but then I gave up and instead decided to try to extend the area.


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