Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sweet Sissy Temptation


“So how’s living with your new roommate this year, Will? You guys getting along well?” Jack asked as he and Will walked through the front door of Will’s apartment.

Will hesitated before answering, “Well…I don’t know…it’s been difficult I guess you could say, he’s definitely…very different. It’s a bit problematic.”

“Oh yeah, how so?”

Before Will could answer, a topless brunette holding an oversized rainbow lollipop sauntered into the room. Jack eyed her up hungrily, “Why, hello there. Will didn’t tell me he had such beautiful company around,” then turning to Will, “aren’t you going to introduce us?”

Will shifted uncomfortably, “Umm, yeah. Jack, this is my roommate Eric. Eric, this is my friend Jack.”

“You mean she’s a…”


Although evidently surprised, Jack, to his credit, did not seize the first opportunity to bolt out the door and run away screaming. Instead, he extended his hand and smiled, “Nice to meet you, Eric.”

The brunette giggled and smiled back at him. “Likewise, but you can call me Emma,” her sultry feminine voice once again catching Jack off guard. There was also a hint of playfulness, as Emma began to gently trace expert circles along the length of her lollipop.

“That’s a pretty big lollipop you’ve got there, Emma. You seem like a sweet girl. How would you like to hang out some time?”

“That depends, have you got a tasty lollipop for me?” Emma asked, glancing downwards at the same time.

 “Oh I’ve got a very special lollipop for you. It’s big, thick, and unlike regular lollipops, it’ll actually get bigger the more you suck on it.”

“Mmm, I like the sound of that. I do hope there’ll be a sticky surprise at the end too. I just love it when it gets all over me.”

Jack had a grin the size of Texas on his face as he turned to Will, “I honestly can’t see where you think the problem is, but if it’s really bothering you all that much, I believe that it is my duty as your good friend to offer to let Emma move in with me for the remainder of the year. Consider it a selfless sacrifice for a friend.”

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