Wednesday, May 15, 2013

You Can't Hide It

Sometimes, a forceful older step-sister is just what a budding young sissy needs...

Hey everyone! In case you were wondering, I am still alive! I really wish I had the time to write and post more captions, but as of late, I have been just so unbelievably busy that I just really haven't had the time. It took me nearly a week to make this one even though in total I probably spent only an hour on it! At any rate,  here it is! Hope you guys enjoy it.

Transcript: Oh, look at you, such a pretty little sissy. Who knew my step-brother could make such a sweet looking girl and all it took was just a touch of makeup and a few extra tricks! 

The purple teddy really suits you, you know. In fact, I think it looks even better on you than it does on me, especially with the way your ‘breasts’ fill out those cups. You can’t even tell that they’re fake, nothing more than artistically designed silicone forms glued to your chest. It’s only a temporary fix until you begin your hormones, but they’ll do for now to keep the boys interested. 

The blonde hair, I must say, is also quite an improvement, even if the coloring is as fake as your silicone lumps. Not that anyone will ever find out though, since I made you also bleach the carpet to match the drapes. Gentlemen prefer blondes after all, especially blue eyed ones, hence the contacts, and we wouldn’t want to disappoint them now would we? 

Why the long face? Isn’t this what you wanted? To be pretty, to be desirable, to be noticed? You certainly will be tonight. I invited Matt over, but I’ve also arranged to be suddenly called away, leaving you alone with him.

Aww, is someone suddenly feeling self conscious that their sissy clit might show through their sheer panties? You can use your hands to try and cover it all you want sissy, but it won’t do you any good, because once Matt pulls down your panties and bends you over for one long hard pounding, there won’t be anything you can do to hide the truth: that you are nothing more than a little sissy slut. 


  1. Oh naughty, nasty girl! How wicked of you! You really have the taunting, helpless element down with the story. I love writing stories like this and now you have me thinking of a few ideas. Perhaps you would like to volunteer to be a potential subject?

    1. Hehe, thank you Miss Simone! And of course I'll volunteer! Anything for you :) Now what did your deviously creative mind have in mind for me? :)


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