Tuesday, April 22, 2014

All Nighter

Some nights are just too good to be wasted sleeping...

In case you're wondering...yes, this is photoshopped. My first serious manipulation attempt, and I think it turned out decently well. Shadows are a bit off, but I haven't quite figured out how to work with that yet. Leave me some comments, let me know what you guys think!

Transcript: Things had just gotten a little out of hand. Katie had tried to be a good girl, honest! But when the other girls at the sleepover had begun to strip down, she couldn’t help herself and the other girls had noticed the growing bulge in her cute striped panties. While most of the other girls had been supportive but indifferent, Kayla and Maxine had taken an especially inquisitive interest in Katie’s healthily sized girlie cock, which according to Kayla, was bigger than her boyfriend’s!

Her panties pulled away, Katie’s stiff member was now on full display, which only seemed to intensify the girl’s curiosity. Katie gasped as Kayla unexpectedly flicked the underside lightly with a delicate finger. She was embarrassed to see another dribble of precum drip down onto the sheets, making the stain on the bed even larger than before.

“You’re beautiful,” Maxine stated with total sincerity as she gazed at Katie’s naked form. Kayla added her agreement.

Katie felt her cheeks flush and mumbled an awkward thank you of sorts. She didn’t quite know what to say. It was the first time anyone had ever seen her in full but had still told her that she was beautiful.

A moment passed before Maxine’s serious expression broke into a mischievous grin, “You know what happens when a bunch of girls get together to spend the night under one roof, don’t you Katie?”

“They sleep?” Katie answered shyly, knowing full well that that was not the answer Maxine was looking for.

“No,” Kayla chimed in as her hands began to expertly massage Katie’s cock, “sleep only comes after their voices are too hoarse from screaming, their nipples too sore from playing, and their tongues too fatigued from licking…or in your case, your cock too limp to slide into my wet and ready pussy anymore for another round, but even then, I will grind on top of you, until your exhausted shriveled cock finally shoots one last little load over your stomach, proving to me that your balls are completely and utterly spent. Then and only then will sleep be an option, but I promise, you won’t dream of going to sleep tonight, not even then, not when we have so much to show you…”


  1. I have often thought of doing such a thing and I feel you did a good job overall, Kendall. It's also very well written. Good display of the visual and written.

    1. Thank you! I still have to really work on the lighting and shadows, but trying out a photomanipulation was definitely lots of fun!


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