Friday, April 25, 2014

Maxie: Secret Side

Everyone has a secret, especially those in the limelight...

Transcript: Maximillian felt a satisfied grin arise as he viewed the newest photos on The featured gallery, a stunning brunette in a slinky black dress, was just what he wanted to see. She was beautiful, but unlike the thousands of other men who would click on her gallery, dicks in hand, he was admiring her seductive gaze and luscious features for a different reason: he was proud of his involvement in the photo shoot, as the model.

No one else but he knew it, but ‘Maxie’ couldn’t have been more different from all the other girls—after all, how many could say they had a cock between their legs that was their own? Maximillian, who had started as a closet crossdresser years ago, had progressed from accepting a modeling offer on impulse, to becoming one of the most popular ‘girls’ on the web. Of course, part of that buzz was being generated by the fact that despite nearly baring it all in numerous steamy, racy lingerie sets, the world had yet to see a completely nude set, something Maxie had refused to do thus far, for obvious reasons. While her expensive breast forms had a natural enough look and feel to let her go topless during shoots, there was little she could do to disguise what was down below without a hard tuck. No amount of contouring or concealer in the world could disguise something of that size that wasn’t supposed to be there.

Still, that hadn’t stopped her fans from fantasizing about what they could see of her incredible body and using their imagination to fill in the blanks. Many of the comments down below included graphic descriptions of what they would do to her imaginary pussy if given the chance. If only they knew. The number of page hits for the gallery was already in the hundreds of thousands and still climbing.

Max’s phone buzzed and he was pleasantly surprised to see who had sent him the text: it was his bi-curious girlfriend Stacy.

“Saw ur shoot. made me all wet. cn’t wait to play w u 2night. wear it for me?”

Max smiled. It would take him two hours to shower, shave, and get ready, but he still had three until Stacy got home. Perhaps he’d play the domestic goddess and make dinner too. They would need to get their strength up before beginning their bedroom marathon tonight. Stacy always ensured that he got the full girlhood experience, complete with multiple mindblowing orgasms, whenever Maxie came out to play. The dress would probably get drenched with cum—Stacy was a squirter too—and be ruined, but Max didn’t care. He would always have the memories…and the photographs to remember the experience...


  1. Again and again I see how you continue to push your skill. The creative touches of your Photoshop skill along with the idea to use the webpage as your touchstone for this story was inspired. Highly impressive.

    I also REALLY love the story overall. It's so well paced and a real button pusher. Every sentence pulls the story further along, turning it into something amazing.

    1. Thanks Simone! I was pretty inspired when I made this and the idea of using the webpage as the layout was something I almost immediately thought of! It definitely took some tweaking to get the fonts and colors right though to make the image and inserted text look as if it were actually part of the page.

  2. Dear Kendall,

    Wow! That was such a hot caption. I can barely contain my own sissy clit. Lovely!




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