Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Love 15

Sometimes, everyone wins...

Transcript: Brianna could feel the sweat from her palms allowing the racket to slip out of her hand as she watched two athletic looking men in their early twenties, presumably their opponents, approach.

“This is stupid, Katie! Why did you have to drag me into this?” Brianna seethed through her teeth to her partner and older sister, Katie.

“Because I need to win this tennis match so I can get Robert off my back. He’s promised to quit asking me out if I can beat him, otherwise, I have to accept, which is why I need your help. I can’t win a singles match against him, but a doubles match with you as my partner…”

It was true. Katie was good, but she wasn’t great at tennis. Brianna on the other hand was the current high school league champion, though you would find her in the record books under a different name: Brian. Brianna was the side of Brian that only few knew about. Tall, youthful, and slender, Brian possessed the perfect body type that allowed him to pass as Brianna remarkably well, with just a little extra makeup, even as a high school senior. It wouldn’t be difficult for Katie to pass him off as her sister.

“Right,” Brianna conceded, flattery really could get you anywhere, “but were these outfits really necessary?” The skirt and top Katie had given her to wear left very little to the imagination, really pushing the boundaries as to just how convincing Brianna could be. Her top was hugging her chest tight enough to be annoying and she tried not to think about what else was even tighter down below.

Katie shot Brianna a wicked grin, “You want to win don’t you? Well, Robert and Grant are good, good enough that they might actually beat us, but the way I figure it, if we can keep them distracted with a little ‘accidental’ show from time to time, they won’t be able to keep their eyes on the ball, we’ll win, and you can get out of giving Grant a blowjob.”

“WHAT!?” Brianna erupted, “you agreed to what!?”

Katie looked slightly apologetic, “I’m sorry, but Robert upped the stakes when I proposed a doubles match instead, and his terms were too good to refuse. Besides, don’t worry about it, we’ll beat them. We’ve totally got this. Now hush and look pretty, here they come.”

Brianna watched the two men round the corner onto the court. Though she’d never met him, Brianna recognized Robert immediately from her sister’s descriptions: over six feet tall, dark hair, brown eyes, built like a rock, and with a general pompous air about him. The other she presumed to be his partner, Grant. Standing even taller than Robert, Grant was also chiseled, though he carried a far more relaxed yet lively presence. Perhaps it was the waves of dirty blonde hair that seemed more at place on a surfboard, or his quirky half-crooked smile and hearty laugh, but Grant seemed genuinely likable. It was also obvious from the beginning just how smitten he was with Brianna just upon meeting her. Though touted as a superb tennis player by his partner, Grant had already missed a few lobs and several easy volleys, especially when Brianna was at the net. Still, the boys had managed to keep it at a close match and tied in sets, though they were currently behind by a couple of games.

It was now Brianna’s turn serve and Grant was back to receive. She had a mean slice that had earned her several aces in competition, but she was finding him almost as distracting as she was to him. She wondered what it might be like to hold something with a little more girth than her tennis racket in her hand. Katie couldn’t blame her for a double fault, could she? Brianna was about to find out. She hoped Grant would be a gentleman and at least take her out to dinner first…


  1. I especially love it when Simone convinced Kendall to dress up and play tennis . . .OOOPS! Wrong girls!

    Seriously, this is just cheeky fun, especially with the images. It reminds me of a refined Sammie caption. This is one of those stories I would love to see expanded because it appears as if this is just the beginning of something bigger. . .

    1. Hehe, this does seem like something we would do wouldn't it? I actually did think about expanding it, but I wanted to keep it short. I suppose I could've gone on, but that would've meant finding another photoset with the same two girls and I wasn't quite up for that (I'm very picky about the photos I chose and continuity is quite important to me). Maybe I'll expand it some day in the future!


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