Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A New Life (for Shannon)

Transcript: Wrong place, wrong time or right place, right time—it all depended on your point of view. For Shane, a relatively young man in his thirties with a promising career in science, it had been the bad luck pure and simple. His whole life had been derailed like a hurtling freight train the night he found himself front row seat to a mob hit and a one-way ticket into the Witness Protection Service.

Due to the high profile nature of the case, Shane had been immediately whisked away. The plan: to relocate him several hundred miles and set him up with a false identity. As part of his cover, Shane was also to be married; it would make discovering him more difficult. “Hey guys, I’ve got a twist: I’m the wife!” Shane had joked with his WITSEC handlers at the time, only they’d thought that was a brilliant idea. Who would ever suspect a woman, especially one in a happy marriage, when they were looking for a man? Smitten by curiosity, Shane had agreed.

The original arrangement was that all alterations to his appearance would be reversible. This meant a whole bag of tricks. Luckily, WITSEC had just the agent, Sara, who was a magician with makeup, for the job. Long chestnut hair extensions provided the perfect frame in which Sara crafted and contoured for him a convincingly feminine face. Then after a thorough depilation, Sara had helped select and apply the correct set of special effects prosthetics to give him a more voluptuous figure—softer features around the hips, rear, and chest. The disguise had been entirely convincing, save for the one vestige of maleness that remained, but even that had been quickly fixed with a sudden push, a sharp tug, and about a foot of medical tape. Sara would spend the better part of a month teaching Shannon, as she had decided to be called now, how to transform herself. The glue on the prosthetics was waterproof and would last at least a month between applications, but the makeup had to be recreated daily. But just the physical appearance, even as intricate as it was, had only been the half of it. Also part of Shannon’s feminization curriculum had been how to move, talk, and act like a woman. It’d taken hours of meticulous practice, but eventually Shannon had been able to get it down pat—gliding across the floor in heels like a goddess, cooing seductive breathy tones, and mastering feminine mannerisms like second nature.

To complete the fa├žade, Shannon had also been assigned an additional agent from the U.S. Marshall’s Service: a towering Greek God named Dimitri, who was to pose as her husband. It’d been rather awkward at first. Shannon may have looked like a true to Earth, honest to god woman, but despite all appearances, she wasn’t one. Luckily, there was also much more to Dimitri than his handsome rugged exterior, which Shannon had come to find rather appealing. He was kind, gentle, and patient with her, looking after her like the perfect loving husband. Dimitri claimed that it was only his job, but it was still nice. To maintain their cover, Shannon and Dimitri had been expected to do everything a normal married couple would: live together, eat together—even sleep together, which due to practical reasons had been simulated. They were bringing ‘faking it’ to a whole new level. The first few times, Shannon had wanted to crawl into a hole and just die, but with practice, the husband-wife role-play had become rather amusing. It was funny how red she could make Dimitri turn in the bedroom with her exaggerated passionate moans and over-the-top, dirty, kinky whispers.

At the start of it all, Shannon had assumed she would eventually return to a more normal life, but after a few months, she wasn’t so sure. Despite the arranged nature of the ‘marriage’, it had blossomed into a beautiful friendship and being a woman had its perks: beauty, charm, and grace. Besides, who didn’t enjoy being fawned over, pampered, and generally treated like a princess? Following a short, but well thought out discussion with her WITSEC handlers, it was decided. There would be no going back. Shannon was here to stay. A few weeks later, the surgical bandages were unwrapped for the last time, revealing nothing but a beautiful young woman. Thanks to an advanced therapy of potent feminizing hormones and cutting edge procedures, Shannon no longer had need for clever contouring or prosthetics. Playing with her new soft breasts, you wouldn’t have believed they weren’t completely natural. There were no more tricks. She was all girl now. She had a birth certificate to prove it and not even a gynecologist could say otherwise! Or a romantic partner for that matter…

As long as Shannon kept up her dilator therapy for a few more weeks, her surgically crafted pussy would be indistinguishable in tone and elasticity from any other girl’s. Dimitri could certainly attest to that. Shannon had ‘innocently’ roped him into assisting her with her dilator therapy. “I need some help to perform these exercises properly,” she’d claimed. Totally false, just like the ‘instruction sheet’ she’d given him; she’d written them. Suggestive positions, provocative moans, and accidental brushes were all part of the game. Watching Dimitri get all flustered, despite his best efforts to remain professional, was just too much fun. He was like putty in her hands—save for one part, one very important part. Shannon made every excuse she could to brush up against his raging hard on, feeling it, savoring it, and teasing it. Not that she needed to, it was hard as a rock and straight as an arrow and all just for her. She could tell Dimitri was teetering on the edge of throwing professionalism out the door. Perhaps all he needed was just a little push. “The last dilator is too small. I need something bigger, something more filling. Perhaps you might have something that could help?” She’d demurely suggested, using every feminine charm and guile she knew to her advantage. “The agency did send you here to take care of my every need didn’t they?”  Shannon finished her proposal with a delicious kiss. A brief second passed before Dimitri jerked her up by her thighs as if she weighed nothing and ravished her like it was their wedding night.

Dimitri had fucked her good that night—like a thoroughbred stallion—and every night since. Doctor’s orders she’d told him. They sure weren’t simulating anything now. In truth, the dilator therapy had already ended several days ago, but Dimitri didn’t need to know that. At least, not for a while…

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  1. Becoming beautiful, finding a kind and attractive man to seduce.... now if I can get his love to be as real as we have made the sex.... what's not to like?


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