Sunday, February 17, 2013

Love Reciprocated


Angelica moaned with ardor as Tommy continued to pleasure her, orally stimulating her blood-engorged member without reservation. Her tensed thighs rested on his broad chiseled shoulders; they felt strong and secure. In the air, their blossoming love conjoined with the fragrance of the rose petals that lay scattered around the room. Her soft moans soon turned into feverish screams as Tommy’s gentle passion aroused a deep well within her. She felt a safe familiarity within his touch, but also an exciting sense of things to come. She had bared her all with him and he had responded in kind. 

It was a new, but welcome experience for Angelica. Never before had she felt more accepted for who she was. It didn’t matter to Tommy that she was a little different from most other girls, that her past was unlike others, or that her birth certificate stated XY. He still treated her as a woman, a beautiful woman. How she had ever been so lucky to meet someone like Tommy she didn’t know, but she gave thanks every day that she had. 

Her body suddenly tensed as the familiar euphoric sensations overwhelmed her. When the pleasure finally subsided, she sat up and quietly turned around as she prepared to take the matters of his pleasure into her own hands. She might not have been a genetic girl, but that wouldn’t stop her from pleasing him as one. She just hoped that he was ready for her, because he was about to get the time of his life, and it would all begin with a light flick of the tongue…


  1. Hot, sexy, sweet....the start of a beautiful romance.
    Loved it.

    1. Thanks! I do believe this is the start of a wonderful friendship for them as well! I really wanted to try and capture the emotional aspect of Angelica's experience rather than the physical as I felt that would really highlight their relationship and I'm glad you got that vibe!


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