Friday, February 8, 2013

Primal Initiation

The ideas are just flowing right now...


“Matt…when I…I’m gonna…just…fuck you!” Alex managed to finally exclaim between breaths. 

Goddamnit, why did I let Matt talk me into this? I found a spell book in my grandmother’s attic he’d said. Come over and let’s try it out, it’ll be fun he’d said. 

And it had been, until Alex had been turned into a gorgeous bombshell blonde, a very horny and gorgeous bombshell blonde. Being the good friend that Matt was, Matt had been unable to stand the unfulfilled state of his now gorgeous friend, and had taken it upon himself to satisfy her overpowering needs. Alex’s emotional state was one of total confusion, pitting anger and disgust against ardor and ecstasy, leaving her utterly helpless in the whirlwind of passion.

 She screamed as Matt continued to pound her virgin body relentlessly. He had entered her without reservation, parting the folds of her womanly flesh and initiating her through the rites of womanhood in the most primal fashion imaginable. Bestial squeals and guttural moans filled the air. Pain and pleasure mixed freely as new sensations overcame the resistance of Alex’s mind, “Don’t stop, Matt! I just…wanna…keep fucking you…to keep fucking you…until you’ve cum…within me…over and over again…cum for me Matt…show me how good I make you feel…cum for me!” 


  1. You are definitely on a roll. Smoking Hot. and a perfect picture.

    1. Thanks! I debated a while between using this pic and another (which was of a blowjob), before eventually settling on this one. Glad you liked it!


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