Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Asking For It

No, that's not an assumption, she really is asking for it.

Transcript: Alexandra ignored the judgmental dirty looks from some of the other girls and reveled in the lustful scorching gazes of the men as she sauntered along the boardwalk, her perfect pert ass on display in a pair of cutoff jeans that even Daisy Duke might be embarrassed to wear, but Daisy Duke didn’t have the same luscious curves that she did.

Of course, Daisy Duke also didn’t have the same not-so-little girlie cock hiding inside her cutoffs either. Alexandra knew that she was pushing the limits of her uber tight tuck with these scandalously short shorts, especially when she was starting to get fairly aroused herself from teasing all the boys, but she couldn’t help it! She knew her pretty, tight, bubble butt looked so enticing all wrapped up like this and it made Alexandra feel very, very sexy, especially when all the men stared at her like they wanted to gobble her right up! Alexandra cast a charming smile at her long distance admirer and all his equally enthusiastic buddies as she heard another wolf whistle pierce through the crowd.

There was however, one more reason why Alexandra had chosen these particular cut offs to wear on her outing: easy access. She’d already taken the liberty of applying a generous amount of lube to her eager tight ass in anticipation. A lover would need only bend her over and pull aside her cutoffs and panties to penetrate her fully. Oh god, what if she managed to find a handsome well hung stud that was even bigger than her dildo? Her excited girlie cock quivered at the thought.

An hour later, Alexandra toddled down the pier, bowlegged and with her panties and shorts completely soiled, but there was a permanently fixed dreamy smile upon her face. Henry: dark, tall, handsome—he had been a complete and utter gentleman when she had first met him, charming her with his sharp wit and sincere flattery, but had also proven to be a total bad boy once she’d made her intentions clear. Taking her to the back of a deserted carnival booth for privacy, Henry had ravaged her like a wild untamable stallion.

Why they’d even bothered to close the door she didn’t know. Henry had fucked her so good and hard that she’d been unable to help herself but scream louder than a banshee as she’d begged for it faster and deeper, until he’d filled her up with his warm wet sticky seed, but not before causing Alexandra’s own girlie cock to spurt its load all over the insides her panties, twice, without ever having directly touched it once! God, Henry sure knew how to use what he had—all eight inches of it! Just thinking about it was giving her tingles all over again!

But that wasn’t all. After everything, Henry had, as he had so properly put it, requested her to grace him with her presence for dinner tonight, and at one of the most exclusive restaurants in town no less! She had three hours to clean up and primp herself before he would arrive to meet her: plenty of time to play with herself and drain her balls dry to avoid any further ‘accidents’ this evening!

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