Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Bed You Made

Greg made the bed, now he has to sleep in it...

Transcript: “So asshole, how’s it feel now?” the raven-haired vixen, Jasmine, sneered, as her platinum blonde partner in crime, Natalya, looked on.

Greg was still in a state of shock. That wasn’t his long red hair that he could feel trickling the sides of his face, or his perfectly formed hemispherical breasts that Natalya was gazing at, or his tender clean shaven pussy that that was being tickled by the light breeze. That wasn’t possible! He was a man!

“Should’ve known better than to take advantage of one of our sisters. No one, not even the star college quarterback, can mess with the Gamma Delta Nu’s and get away with it,” Jasmine stated emphatically.

So that was what this was about? The fucking bitches had never intended on having a threesome with him from the beginning, they’d only used the promise of one—and how could he say no to these delicious beauties—to lure him upstairs away from the party! Greg tried to fight his way out, but screamed as he found that his limbs were no longer under his voluntary control. They really were a sorority of witches!

“Ah good, you’ll need to warm up that sweet little voice of yours for all the screaming you’ll be doing later. Oh yes,” Jasmine cooed as she began to see the fear creep into Greg’s eyes, “you’ll be doing plenty of screaming tonight as you fuck whoever wants a piece of you. I’m sure a few guys will find you all on their own, but if not, not to fret, we’ll send up a few of the most well hung studs to keep you company, and with that spell we cast, you won’t be able to say no. Every time you try, all they’ll hear is ‘deeper’, ‘harder’, or my personal favorite, ‘please cum inside me’. You’ll be a first rate whore.”

Jasmine smiled as Greg whimpered.

“Now be a good little girl and keep all the boys happy, and we just might turn you back. But one bad word from them about you and you’ll have to wait until the next party to redeem yourself. It’s all up to you.”

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  1. Would have NEVER imagined that story from that image. . . but you turned into something that was a nice surprise!


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