Thursday, May 1, 2014

Summer Fling

Summer time on the farm just got a whole lot hotter...

Transcript: Summer vacation was supposed to be fun. Unfortunately, Tom’s parent’s had sent him out to the middle of nowhere for the duration, to visit his Aunt Mildred, in hopes that the good ol’ country air would do him some good, which would’ve been fine—had he been several inches taller and a whole lot stronger. He barely had the strength to carry the milk pail in the morning, let alone buck hay: farm life just wasn’t for him.

The only upside of his predicament was his cousin Katie Sue, or to put it more specifically, her clothes. Despite her mother’s best efforts, Katie Sue was a bit of a tomboy who preferred to hang out with the boys rather than date one, and adamantly objected to wearing anything frilly, prissy, or generally feminine. But that hadn’t stopped Aunt Mildred from buying her those things anyway and letting them collect dust in her closet in the hopes that Katie Sue would someday come around. It was an ideal situation for Tom, who seized the opportunity to raid Katie Sue’s closet and play in all her unwanted garments every chance he got, like today. Aunt Mildred had gone into town and Katie Sue had went to go visit her friend Emma two farms down, leaving him all alone in the house for the day—a perfect kind of day if you asked Tom.

After skillfully applying makeup, Tom had retrieved his blonde wig from his secret hiding spot, and dressed himself in a cute pink plaid blouse, sexy denim mini skirt, and though you couldn’t see it, pink and white polka dotted cotton panties too—the picturesque image of a sweet, innocent, young farm girl.

“They look better on you than they do me,” Tom heard Katie Sue’s voice remark from behind him. His blood ran cold, but he tried not to panic. Maybe he could still worm his way out of this, maybe she still didn’t know who he was yet.

“Hi I’m Sally,” Tom stated in his best fem voice, but one look at Katie Sue and he knew she knew. “I’m sorry, Katie Sue. I couldn’t help it. I thought since you never wore these and it was a shame to let them just sit there and…you won’t tell Aunt Mildred will you?”

Katie Sue ignored his plea, “My gosh, your voice is even sweeter than the way you look. You’ve been doing this for a long time haven’t you? Long before you came here, am I right?”

Tom nodded his head.

A smile spread across Katie Sue’s face. “Don’t worry, Sally. This’ll be our little secret. Just answer me this: do you taste as sweet as you look?”

A flabbergasted Tom could say nothing as Katie Sue locked lips with his. For several moments, their lips danced in an intimate embrace as their lips played an intricate symphony. It may have sounded cliché, but Tom did see fireworks in the room that afternoon. Katie Sue may have been a distant cousin, but that didn’t make her any less mind-blowingly beautiful. When their lips finally parted, Tom was still speechless. Katie Sue just giggled.

“Did you ever wonder why I never dated any boys, Sally?” Katie Sue asked as she stroked Tom’s hair. “Because I like girls, and you Sally are a very pretty girl. I think you and I could have a lot of fun together this summer. What do you say, would you like that?”

Tom couldn’t believe what he was hearing, “Yes, I’d like that very much.”

“Good then,” Katie Sue replied with a wicked grin, “I figure we still have four hours before Mother gets home and I’ve got some ideas of things to do that I think you’ll also be interested in. Have you ever heard of a Hitachi?”

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  1. Summer fling indeed! The playful tone of the writing suits the pictures: just sexy enough to be intriguing but nothing over the time. It's tasteful and racy without the ranch: something you have pretty much mastered. It's a fun romp and it makes me wonder what effects this summer tryst will have on Sally from here on. Will this awaken her true self? Will she continue to walk fluid between genders? Perhaps it sparks more romantic ideas between the two or even draws the friend in. All and all good work.


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