Friday, May 9, 2014

Ladies Room Tryst

A once in a lifetime chance encounter...

Transcript: Danica eyed the crowd carefully, waiting for the opportune moment to make her dash to the ladies room. Patience was key, but if she kept waiting much longer, her secret would be outed and she would be directed to use the men’s room instead! Danica kept her legs crossed tight to try and hide her growing bulge, but her cock fought rebelliously to resist being tamed. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could last; she in desperate need of some privacy for relief and the chance to retuck before anyone found out!

Everything had been going fine until she had seen Lara Lavigne at the party. In retrospect, Danica probably should’ve expected her to be here. Anyone who was anyone was here tonight and Lara was certainly more than just anyone. Ravishing, daring, astute—the words couldn’t even begin to describe the angel that was Lara Lavigne, and Danica, who was in fact Dan cleverly disguised, had responded the same way that all the other men who’d gotten a whiff of her entrancing Rose de Nuit perfume had: heart set ablaze and hopelessly in love.  

Suddenly, an opportunity, a part in the crowd, and all eyes momentarily averted—Danica took it. Though a mere twenty steps, the journey to the restroom seemed a mile. Danica cursed her choice of dress the entire way. Though undoubtedly gorgeous, her luxurious cool silk dress was lightly rubbing her already engorged member, providing a plethora of pleasurable sensations that would’ve been better reserved for a more private setting. Danica was just about to breathe a sigh of relief that she had made it to the ladies room without incident when the door suddenly swung wide and out stepped none other than Lara Lavigne, resulting in a full frontal collision: disaster. Danica could tell Lara had noticed the hard shaft hiding beneath Danica’s expensive silk dress immediately.

Pulling a petrified Danica back into the restroom with her, Lara slyly slipped a hand up the hem of Danica’s dress to confirm her suspicions. “Well, well, well, what have we here?” Laura asked with a glint of excitement in her eyes. “Someone isn’t all what they seem to be…”

Danica neither moved nor spoke as Lara locked the door and then slowly removed Danica’s white lace panties, allowing Danica’s massive eight inch cock to spring into the spotlight.

That was hiding in there?” Lara observed, sounding impressed.

Danica felt a momentary swell of pride—the tuck was quite a feat if she did say so herself—but that was quickly replaced by a sudden impending dread, “Please, don’t tell anyone will you? I needed to take care of personal business, honest!”

“I can see that,” Lara responded dryly as she stared at Danica’s embarrassingly erect member, which was growing harder by the second. It didn’t take Lara’s sharp analytical mind long to gather that she was the cause of Danica’s current predicament.

“You’re attracted to me aren’t you? Don’t lie.”

Danica nodded timidly after a moment’s pause, then awaited her fate.  

“Why don’t you let me help you with that?” Lara finally asked, though it was really more a command, indicating Danica’s throbbing cock. Lara motioned for Danica to sit up on the marble counter and parted Danica’s legs decisively, then slowly sank down to her knees into the valley between Danica’s creamy thighs.

One of Lara’s hands slipped up beneath her dress and Lara moaned slightly as she began to rub herself. Then the next thing Danica knew, Lara had out her own lovely girlie cock, which was even bigger than Danica’s, and was stroking it with unrestrained fervor! Lara just smiled as Danica’s jaw dropped.

“Don’t worry. I won’t tell,” Lara whispered as her smooth manicured hands guided her lips down Danica’s shaft, “Us girls have to stick together after all.”

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