Sunday, May 4, 2014

Physical Exam

Why let a good thing stop?

Transcript: Following Shannon’s surgery, the physical sensory motor tests quickly established that her reflexes and responses were all normal, but who could blame Shannon or her examiner for continuing to conduct further assessments anyway?


  1. I'm not sure using an animated gif should really qualify as going 'minimalist', but this certainly goes a long way toward that statement! I really love the understated action in the photo and how your story gives just enough explanation to explain the narrative.

    It's also quite like a 'Dee' caption in that it doesn't even directly touch upon a TG element. It's understood, but if a non TG reading person came across this, they might not understand the underlying implications.


    1. I agree with Caitlyn and her "Dee" cap assessment. It's like a quick jab that catches you just right to push the air from the abdomen. Hopefully after you catch your breath you'l end up wearing a bra!


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