Sunday, May 18, 2014

Naughty Games

When the sister's away, the girl comes out to play...

Transcript: So he caught me. Everyone else was out of the house, how was I supposed to know my sister’s boyfriend was going to come by? My step sister hadn’t even been home for the last two months. She was spending a semester abroad in France and I’d taken the opportunity to get into her things—more than usual that is—and that’s how he’d found me, fully made up and dressed to the nines.

He’d actually even mistaken me for her at first, until I’d opened my mouth that is. My fem voice is pretty convincing, but it sounds nothing like my sister’s. Our physical resemblance on the other hand, is downright uncanny, even though we’re not blood related—especially when I’m en femme, the breast forms really sell it—though no one knows that last part except me, and now my sister’s boyfriend.

It was pretty awkward at first. I begged him not to tell and after a moment, he agreed, on one condition. He hadn’t seen my sister in months, and seeing me standing there, my pert little ass on display in my sister’s tight flirty skirt, looking so much like her made him only want one thing. He made me pretend to be her. I had to wear one of her flirty outfits, act like a tease, and call him sugarbear like I meant it. Then he made me get on my knees and wrap my perfectly manicured fingertips around his big, hard cock, and my lips soon followed. I protested as he pulled my hair—extensions still hurt!—and pushed my head into his cock, making me guzzle and gag as he shoved his engorged member deep down my throat. I was reminded with a forceful slap that I was my step sister now, and that she loved giving head and I ought embody her enthusiasm a bit more. I acquiesced meekly. 

Shortly after, he flipped me over and told me to spread them. I felt a cool slimy substance slide gently between my ass cheeks, and then a monstrous, throbbing beast plunged ferociously within. I was informed that he’d always wanted to try anal with my sister, and my lack of a real pussy had only sealed my fate. I don’t think I’d ever seen anyone so wickedly gleeful in all my life. I on the other hand, simply moaned and screamed as he took me from behind. We changed positions at least five times before I felt his cock pulse, and then a sticky warmth fill my asshole a second later. He was done. As he let me up, he gave my already red ass a hard spank and congratulated me on what a sexy duplicate of my sister I turned out to be, a great little actress he called me.

He didn’t know the half of it. Sure, impersonating my sister wasn’t the easiest role, but I’d been living with her for the last seven years and had even done it once or twice before on my own. The real challenge throughout the whole ordeal hadn’t been pretending enjoy it, it had been pretending not to. Giving him the power trip was the only way to ensure that he would be back for more…and I couldn’t wait until he did.


  1. Hot. I really like this one :)

  2. Usually there is a resistance and a sadness when the new girl is caught. . . of course you show how enjoyable the experience can be. Owning up to the enjoymjent but pretending to hate it. . . And the writing! Oh my.

  3. Excuse me while I wipe all this steam off from my monitor! VERY sexy cap Kendall!


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