Saturday, July 13, 2013

Forever Devious

Ryan's sister returns to something very unexpected...

Transcript: “Hey Ryan, are you home? What are you up to? It sounds like—HOLY SHIT! What the fuck is going on in here!?” Natalie shrieked at the naked couple getting it on in her living room.

The raven-haired brunette did her best to answer the onslaught of inquiries between her moans. “Relax Natalie, it’s me, Ryan, your step-brother. I believe you also know Mr. Brown, the biology teacher,” Ryan gestured to the man beneath her, “and as for what we’re doing…think of it as extra credit.”

Natalie could only continue to gape in shock at the spectacle unfolding before her. “Okay, that may be Mr. Brown, but you cannot possibly be my step-brother! He’s called my step-brother for a reason. He doesn’t have boobs or a vagina, and although I’ve never seen it, I’m quite certain that he’s got a penis!”

“It’s the truth Nat! I found your spell book a few weeks ago and I started using it to turn myself into a hot girl when you weren’t around. It was fun just to look at myself at first, but then I began to try new things and one thing lead to another and well…” Ryan trailed off.

Natalie continued to stare skeptically at the girl who claimed to be her step-brother. It was possible. Ryan had never received any formal instruction in magical matters, but magic was technically still in his blood, half of it anyway.

“Look, I can prove it. Do you remember that one time that I walked in on you and Greg—”

“Okay, okay, you can stop. I believe you,” Natalie turned a deep shade of red as she recounted the event, “but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to let you use magic to turn yourself into a girl just for pleasure and especially not so that you can fuck your teacher for a better grade! I’m turning you back into a boy and putting an end to this this instant!”

Mr. Brown suddenly grunted, causing an unapologetic smile to spread across Ryan’s face. “Oops, too late. I can feel his warm sticky cum dripping out of my pussy. You know what that means don’t you sis? The transformation’s been made permanent. Guess there’s no going back for me now!”  


  1. I knew you were a wicked girl at heart. Hot hot hot all around.

    1. Hehe, thanks! I do love a good wicked cap, unfortunately they're more difficult for me to write. The concept just really came to me when I saw this picture though!

    2. More wicked caps - PLEASE! You write them as well as anyone out there (if the bulge in my own panties is any indication).

    3. Aww! You're gonna make me blush!

  2. That was probably his plan all along, I even bet he planned to get caught. Now his sister knows the truth and no one would ever believe her.

    1. Hehe, one could certainly believe that he had planned do make the change permanent at some point! This encounter just gave him the proper motivation to do so!


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