Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Immaculate Impersonation

“ certainly took you long enough,” Colonel Gregor snapped back rather curtly.
Perfection takes time, Colonel."

Transcript: “There, that ought to do it,” Angelo announced proudly as he applied the last few strokes of lip liner to the now unrecognizable agent’s face.

“I should hope so, it certainly took you long enough,” Colonel Gregor snapped back rather curtly.

Angelo remained unfazed. It was understandable, attempting to sit perfectly still for five hours so that the prosthetics and makeup could be applied with as much accuracy as possible would’ve made anyone impatient. “Perfection takes time Colonel.”

“I don’t know why I let them talk me into doing this instead of just using a mask.”

“A mask would be suitable under most circumstances, but your mission demands the highest degree of realism. As the Vice President’s ‘daughter’, you will be constantly in close proximity to those who know ‘you’ well as well as countless security personnel who have been trained to detect irregularities. Because a mask is only one piece, it simply could not match the freedom of expression that these prosthetics will allow. Her wide trademark smile for instance would be much more difficult to achieve with a mask with the material pressing in on all sides.”

Gregor’s demeanor abruptly changed as he momentarily stepped into character, a sweet vibrant smile temporarily replacing his seemingly permanent scowl. Angelo tried not to stare. It was downright uncanny how well the Colonel could mimic her expressions.

“I see you’ve been practicing, Colonel.”

“My disguise would be useless if I couldn’t act the part. The specially fashioned contact lenses and finger pads would still likely throw them for a loop though. Imagine the confusion they would face upon discovering that their ‘imposter’ had a 100% retinal, iris, and fingerprint match! The boys down in the lab really outdid themselves this time. Still, as entertaining as that might be, I’d rather put myself in such a situation.”

“Well, I doubt that that will be an issue. No one could’ve produced a more authentic replacement even if they cloned her. Alright, we’re all done now here. The team should be awaiting you in the assembly room for the pre-mission briefing.”

Switching personas once again, Gregor cast a charming smile at Angelo as he rose gracefully and gave himself a twirl, giggling gleefully as he looked himself over. “Thank you Angelo!” the fresh faced blonde yelled back as ‘she’ sauntered out the room.

Well that was a first. The Colonel had never thanked him before. For a moment, Angelo couldn’t help but wonder if perhaps the Vice President’s daughter had replaced Colonel Gregor…but that wasn’t possible was it? 


  1. Great caption, probably one of the best I've ever seen. The text was every bit as immaculate as the picture, and that's all too rare. Well done!

    1. Wow! Such a big compliment! Thank you very much! I'm flattered!

    2. You're welcome. Your attention to detail is terrific. Great production values!

  2. So very thought out with all the details - fingertips, retina scans, mask vs makeup. You must be in "The Company" to know so much detail!

    1. Hehe...perhaps...or perhaps I just read too many spy stories and watch too many movies haha! Thanks Elise!

  3. Great one Kendall, your disguise captions are always my favourite, I must thank you for it!


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