Monday, July 29, 2013


Transcript: The brothers of Pi Delta Theta paid no heed to the girls’ unwilling screams as they prepared to ravish them. Bound, gagged, and naked, the girls had been delivered to the Pi Delta Theta house by a senior member of the Gamma Delta Nu’s, who had asked for their assistance in ‘initiating’ some of their new pledges. The Pi Delta Theta’s had only been too happy to help.

Had anyone bothered to remove the girls’ gags however, they would’ve been shocked to learn that the two ‘pledges’ were in fact their very own Vice President and Secretary who had gone missing the night before. The Gamma’s had magically transformed them as punishment for trying to take advantage of one of their drunk  sisters. Unfortunately, by the time the truth would be revealed, it would’ve already been too late—the copious amounts of cum received from their ‘brothers’ would‘ve already sealed the spell and the two’s fates as girls forever.

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