Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Meeting the Guys

Trying out a new layout inspired by Miss Simone...

 I'm always trying new designs for my caps and quite frankly, I was having a lot of trouble with this one. Now you might say gee Kendall, this design looks awfully familiar, I wonder where I've seen it before. The answer: Miss Simone's caps (in the event that you have not yet read her work yet, I highly recommend that you do so). I was extremely inspired by her layout to try the same sort of style with mine and I think it ended up working really well for this particular picture!  Eventually though, I'd like to settle upon a single trademark layout like may other caption artists, but until I find one that I can call my own, I'll just have to keep on exploring!

Transcript: “Hmm, try the red silk slip sweetie. I know that the black one is your favorite based upon the number of times it’s been refolded, but to wear it well requires a real woman’s curves. Padding and shapewear can only do so much dear!”

Matt groaned. He had imagined many times before how Joanna, his long time girlfriend, might react to his secret crossdressing habit, but Matt had never envisioned this. Instead of being furious and disgusted, Joanna had actually insisted upon helping him transform into Marie. Matt had to admit that Marie had never looked better, but part of him wished that Joanna hadn’t been so enthusiastic. Being Joanna’s dress-up doll had been great fun at first, but after three hours it was downright exhausting.

“Can’t we please stop now, Joanna? I’m tired and these heels are killing my feet!”

“Oh come on, Marie!” Joanna chided. “You know we’ve got to find the perfect look for you tonight!”

Matt gulped. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to know. “Why…what’s tonight?”

“Don’t tell me you don’t remember? It’s the second Tuesday of the month. You know, Lingerie Party Night at the Silver Fox Club?” Matt was speechless. “You didn’t think that I really believed you and the guys were going ‘bowling’ all this time did you? Now be a good girl and try the slip on. You’ll want to look absolutely ravishing if you’re going to meet them there tonight!”

“Dressed like this!? No way! I couldn’t! Do you know what the guys would say!?” Matt shrieked.

“Actually I do,” Joanna replied calmly, “I sent them a picture earlier and they’re all very much looking forward to meeting Marie! Jack’s even already called first dibs on a date!”


  1. She's going to be a popular girl tonight. Great job all around and I like what you did with the design. Something that's borrowed but distinctly yours as well!

  2. P.S. - check our folder at Rachel's Haven. You might have something new . . .

  3. What a dilemma! Would you be willing to have a gf help you become the best woman you could be if it meant having to be that woman around the guys? I guess it depends on how good-looking the guys are and what they're willing to do for me!!


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