Monday, July 22, 2013

Made for Pleasure

"She had been Burke then, but no longer. Her name was only one of many things that her greedy backstabbing associate had stripped her of."

Transcript: Fucking and sucking, sucking and fucking, there never seemed to be an end to it.

Bambi had been brought here five months ago. Where “here” was, she didn’t particularly know, but it wasn’t unpleasant. What she did know however was that the lavish estate, of which she was a current resident, belonged to Dietrich Siegler, a man with powerful criminal connections who had once been her partner, but that had been a long time ago. She had been Burke then, but no longer. Her name was only one of many things that her greedy backstabbing associate had stripped her of.

She had been kidnapped and brought to a secretive medical facility where over the course of many months, a team of highly paid doctors and surgeons had erased all traces of her former identity. The facial reconstruction surgery she had expected, but the feminization and breast augmentation she had not. Even her manhood had not been spared and a glistening moist slit now beckoned between her creamy thighs. Then came the training, as they had called it.

Her training had been harsh, but thorough. Mistress Jenna had seen to it that she had learned to behave like an obedient little girl, albeit one who had mastered the fine arts of sexual pleasure, but a young girl nonetheless. Mistress Jenna had trained her extensively. No fetish had been too kinky to overlook or specialty too deviant to omit.

It was only after then that her captors had brought her to her present location. The ambiance had surprised her at first. Far from the cold sterile walls of the facility, her new home was open and grand, and they had given her the freedom to roam the grounds as she wished. A vast collection of luxurious clothes as well as a variety of other feminine essentials had also been provided to her, all of which Mistress Jenna had familiarized her with. Bambi quickly learned however that her life of luxury served only as a fa├žade to hide the truth: that she was nothing more than a living sex doll. Impaling herself morning, noon, and night on what seemed to be an endless succession of cocks, she discovered that the palatial retreat served as a reward for Dietrich’s favorites, but boy were there a lot of them! Bambi probably could have subsisted only on the cum served to her had she swallowed it all, but both her ass and pussy were both popular sites for deposit as well.

A palatial retreat indeed. Here, Bambi had access to all the fine indulgences a girl could want: clothes, men, and mind-blowing, non-stop sex to keep her horny little body satisfied. But the best part? No one could call her a slut for doing it. 


  1. Wow, Bambi has the life! Great cap babe.

    1. Thanks! I'd certainly agree that she's got a great life! I mean as much sex, clothes, and luxury as you could want? Sign me up!

  2. Another fabulous cap!
    It doesn't seem like she ever gets the chance to wear any of the beautiful clothes they buy her. Although she doesn't seem to mind!

    1. Haha, good point! Maybe when they decide to do a little roleplay. I hear Bambi makes a very convincing little schoolgirl!

  3. The last line did it for me. She LOVES what she's become and doesn't hide it. It's a delicious trap of sensuality and erotica. Lovely balance and and scorching hot writing.


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