Sunday, July 7, 2013

Plan of Pleasure

I originally wrote this for the naughty category of the June 2013 Haven Monthly Caption contest, but after writing it, I realized it didn't really fit the theme all that well (which was Disney) aside from the fact that it used Disney characters. At any rate, I'm still posting it up since it's already finished and there's no use in letting it sit around collecting dust. 

Transcript: How quickly things had changed. After escaping from his lamp prison, Jafar had planned a wicked revenge against the despicable little street rat, but that was before he discovered how luscious Princess Jasmine’s voluptuous body truly was. 

The original plan had been ingenious: kidnap Jasmine and use his sorcery to possess her body. Nobody could get closer to the Prince without rousing suspicion than his wife, the Princess, after all.  Then after dealing with the annoying piece of vermin filth, Jafar could return to his own body, take over Agrabah and perhaps even make the real Princess Jasmine his own wife. 

As fate would have it however, when Jafar discovered how much pleasure Princess Jasmine’s tight lithe body could provide, he abandoned his original plan and adopted a new one instead. After making a few minor aesthetic and sensory augmentations to Jasmine’s body, Jafar discarded his former identity in order to become ‘Princess Jasmine’ forever. Though being Princess of Agrabah was not as good as being Sultan, the indulgences of womanhood certainly more than made up for it!


  1. This would have definitely made a better sequel than the one they released.

    1. Hehe thanks. I'm glad that you enjoyed it!

  2. Yes, jasmine does have a perfect little body, and that who could care about anything else?

    1. How very true! I suppose all that's left to do is to attain eternal youth so that 'Princess Jasmine' can stay beautiful forever!


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