Friday, July 12, 2013

Becoming Kelly (for Kelly aka sp2000)

I was going through sp2000's picture thread on Rachel's Haven when I saw the picture of the cop. I immediately came up with this idea and busted it out. In terms of captions, this was actually one of the easiest for me to write! In the design however, I ended up making two versions. Adding the second picture was a late addition. You can see the original at the end of the post. Personally, I really like the addition of the second picture, but it does make the file that much larger which is somewhat annoying. Anyways, enough of my rambling. Here's to hoping Kelly will like it!

Transcript: “You!” Tony Giordano spat out, staring at his wife Kelly in shock. “You’re a cop? You bitch! Don’t think that you’ll be safe with me behind bars! The Family will get you!”

Kelly remained unfazed as she motioned for the two officers escorting Tony out to pause for a moment. “I am a cop, but I’m not Kelly.”

“Bullshit you aren’t! What’d they offer you, you greedy little tart!?”

“My usual paycheck. The Chief will probably give me a bonus though—you being a big bad Mafia boss and all. The real Kelly Giordano they set up real nice, but it’d be awfully unprofessional if I spilled all the details.” Kelly could see Tony still didn’t believe her. Kelly proceeded to prove her claim by delicately peeling apart the seam between the bodysuit and the mask partway.

Tony blinked in disbelief, “So who are you then? Some whore they hired to pretend to be my wife?”

“We considered that actually, but decided in favor of a special agent instead.” ‘Kelly’ turned off the mask’s built-in vocal modulator. “The name’s Kevin, in case you wanted to jot that down for your diary.”

Allowing Tony to hear 'her' real voice had the desired effect. “FUCK! There’s no fucking way!" Tony bellowed. You’re a man? How the fuck…I don’t…you can’t be a man. You sucked, swallowed, and screamed for more! I FUCKED YOU IN YOUR PUSSY FOR FUCK’S SAKE!” The two officers that had been restraining Tony shuffled uncomfortably.

“Yeah that tends to happen when you pretend to be someone’s ‘wife’ for two years. Quite amazing how realistic this mask and bodysuit are don’t you think? Amazing enough to fool you anyways—you never figured out that I wasn’t your wife or a woman for that matter. You really couldn’t tell could you?” Tony’s only reply was an enraged huff. “Take him away boys," 'Kelly' ordered. "Hope you enjoy the new chapter of your life Mr. Giordano.”

I know I will Kevin thought quietly to himself. Involvement in a high profile case like this one meant the end of a field career. It was either move to a desk job or go into retirement; he’d opted for retirement. The Bureau had offered to set him up with Witness Protection and he’d accepted. Disguised in another one of the Bureau’s advanced masks and bodysuits, Kevin would be moving out to a nice suburban neighborhood at an undisclosed location soon, posing as a single mother. He’d already picked out his new name: Kelly Samantha Pearson. He’d grown rather attached to the name “Kelly” after two years and figured that the name was common enough to be overlooked as coincidence.

This time though, Kelly would be free to be whomever she wanted to be, not chained to pose as some Mafia wife. Just one more stop at the Bureau headquarters and Kevin would disappear forever. Kelly on the other hand was here to stay.

The Original Design:


  1. Excellent job on this caption, Kendall! Thanks for making it! I've also commented on the Haven topic.

    1. Awesome! I'm just glad that you liked it!

  2. This is one of those stories you write that I would love to see expanded into a larger story. What were his feelings as he began this assignment. He spent two years as someone's wife, would have developed feelings at any point? Would there have been a conflict of interests between being a woman and duty? Perhaps she was tempted to cheat? How would it feel to do those acts with someone knowing you had to send them away? Plus the development that took someone from male to wanting to remain female for life - especially as a single mom!

    It's a fantastic story and the fact that you made me think of so much shows how good a writer you are. Also, love the images you selected.

    1. Wow, I actually hadn't even thought of all those questions! That would definitely add another three or four panels haha! That could definitely be something interesting and worth exploring. Perhaps when I have more time I'll go back and see what I come up with or feel free to come up with your own backstory details! What do you envision?

    2. The extra 3 or 4 panels would be worth it to get more of this fantastic story. Perhaps you should be writing TV scripts. This would be one episode of The Sopranos that I would have loved to have watched.

    3. Hmm maybe! I actually wanted to be a script writer at one point in my life as well as a director, producer, and editor. I was quite into film then and made a few short home productions of my own!

  3. I agree with the rest of the posters above. An expansion would be interesting; perhaps a cap or two during the two year stint? Aside from that, another great one Kendall!

  4. Great job and Kelly living full time as the mafia bosses wife had set up a nice little off shore account because the Bureau's meager monthly check was nothing compared to the way Kelly was accustomed to living as the bosses wife. Also the Bureau never realized that Kevin started on hormone treatments day one of his/her new life yes 6 months later Kelly look lovely but the bureau did not know there was no body suit under that red blouse it was all Kelly, She would have the final surgery 6 months from now and lucky for her but Bruno was the guy who was sent by Tony to check on the new Kellie's in this state. Bruno broke in to Kellie's house one night and found a gorgeous 100% woman but Kelly had to play dumb even though Bruno and her had been lovers under Tony's nose.Bruno took this woman and half way thru their love making she broke and begged Bruno to give her more of Hector now no one but Kelly Tony's wife knew Bruno's nick-name for his monster. Bruno despaired and Kelly moved from suburbia 6 months later Bruno became the new boss because Tony was found dead in prison and He married Kelly who was now the Mafia bosses real wife, they can always adopt.


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