Wednesday, July 24, 2013

High Stakes Pranksters

Gregory and I met in the second grade when he tied my shoelaces together. I got back at him by tying his shoelaces to his desk. We’ve been friends ever since, but we still love to pull pranks on each other. Of course, the stakes are a bit higher than normal as magic runs in both of our families: we’re both wizards.

This one time for instance, we’d both decided to go try out this new massage and spa place (to be honest, we only went because we’d heard the girls that worked there were super cute) and we’d just put our stuff away in the locker room when Gregory turned me into a girl right on the massage table! Before I could say or do anything though, Gregory had fled the scene. I considered giving chase, but running and screaming down the hallway naked hardly seemed like conduct becoming of a lady and I eventually thought better of it.

With little choice, I decided to stay put and see what else Gregory had in store for me. I soon discovered that Gregory had ordered the ‘intimate care treatment package’ for me. I’m not ashamed to admit, I enjoyed that ‘massage’ very, very much. Retrieving my things from the men’s locker room afterwards on the other hand was a whole other crisis.

I decided to just go for it. I walked in, completely exposed, got my things and left. Never had I ever received that many stares before in my life! Their eyes would’ve undressed me in an instant had I not already been wearing nothing at all. But as frightening as it was, it was also kind of thrilling. The forest of erections that surrounded me felt unexpectedly satisfying. Still, it was not something I intended on experiencing again, if only because I doubted I would be able to control myself a second time.  

When I got home, Gregory’s expression was one of bewildered amusement. I suppose he hadn’t expected me to let the prank go as far as it did. I merely gave him an annoyed glance before heading to my room. I found out later that he had used a scrying spell to watch the whole ordeal so he had seen the whole show. Bastard probably got a hard on watching it too.

But don’t think I let him off that easy! When we went to a bachelor party a couple of weeks later, I turned him into one of the entertainers: a sexy blonde sub. And just for added kink, I became the other half of the duo, her mean sultry dom. Boy was that a fun night!  


  1. Very clever cap! Wizards as pranksters, that could be a lot of fun;)

    1. Hehe, I thought it would be an interesting idea to explore. Just think of all the things they could do that we can't! Flipping gravity upside down, other transformations, and lots of dazzling sparkles!

  2. I feel like this would be a wonderful story series, my dear. Any chance you would mind being the star in such a story?

    1. I agree! I'm looking forward to more of the crazy and kinky adventures of these two. What a great start to what could be a really fun, sexy series!!

    2. I wouldn't mind at all! I think this could be very fun...I mean, with magic like this, I could certainly imagine turning myself into a certain schoolgirl crush to play with a friend's mind. Or discovering what really goes on in the girl's locker room!


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