Monday, July 15, 2013

Liberating Truth

"She thought it would be a punishment, to transform me into a woman, but little did she know that she had singlehandedly granted me my deepest fantasy."

Transcript: I never knew my girlfriend was a witch, until she cast the spell on me. Then again, she never knew that I had secret fantasies about being a woman either. I suppose we were just both real good at hiding our true selves. 

Our relationship had fallen into a rut and I had told her that I thought we should both begin seeing other people. Understandably, she was quite upset, though to what extent I failed to notice. She thought it would be a punishment, to transform me into a woman, but little did she know that she had singlehandedly granted me my deepest fantasy. I was bewildered at first, wondering if I was dreaming or if what I had just really experienced what I thought had happened. Eventually, I settled upon the only logical conclusion towards which all the evidence pointed, it was real.

On the inside, I was leaping for joy. I could hardly wait to have a moment to myself, so that I could explore my wondrous new body, but I knew I had to pretend to be horrified. With my lips, I begged her to reverse my fate, but with my mind I prayed that she wouldn’t. To my relief, she refused, but instead proposed that I stay with her for the remainder of the month, after which she would reconsider my consequence. I immediately agreed. I couldn’t have asked for any better. Living with her would give me access to both her stylish wardrobe and collection of beauty products, and I couldn’t wait to try them all out!

The rest of the month passed without incident and though we lived in the same house, my girlfriend and I hardly spoke to each other. It was in the quiet moments however that I began to notice the change in her demeanor towards the new me and the wistful look in her eyes. I knew what that look meant and in my mind, I began to understand why our relationship had fizzled.

At the end of the month, I confronted her with my suspicions, to which she admitted that yes, she was a lesbian. She had tried to deny her identity for the safety of normalcy, but she couldn’t, and our breakup had made her understand that. It was then my turn to confess my secret to her. I explained to her my desire to be a woman, how I had hid that from her too, and that how I wanted to stay as I was…and if she would have me, with her too. What followed was the strongest, most passionate, and most satisfying day of my life…eventually only surpassed by our wedding night!


  1. Secrets, femininity little gray areas. All the making of a good little drama. I wold love to see what happened in between the two lovers admitting their true feelings.

    The writing was just fantastic, as usual. Wonderful work.

    1. Thanks! I may have to start doing more multi-panel captions! I often have these ideas, but I try to fit them into one panel. Perhaps its time for me to do another extended caption! Thanks for the suggestion Simone!


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