Saturday, July 27, 2013

When Life Gives You Melons...

When life gives you melons...hey wait a minute! I thought it was supposed to be lemons?

Transcript: “Holy shit! Wow! Damn, Jason…you look…” Thomas couldn’t help but stare at the voluptuous blonde sitting at his friend’s desk.

“Different?” Jason offered.

“Not quite the word I was looking for, but yes. I mean, when I last saw you on Friday, sure you looked a little smaller, your skin a little smoother, and your shape a little more feminine, but wow! You really changed over the weekend!”

Jason let out a resigned laugh, “Yeah I know right? I can’t believe Marsha’s spell is actually slowly transforming me into a girl. I mean, look at these tits!”

Jason unbuttoned his top, causing Thomas’ eyes to turn into dinner plates, but Thomas’ eyes weren’t the only things that bulged. “WOW! Damn!”

“And you haven’t even seen the worst of it. My dick was gone when I woke up yesterday morning, so I’m all girl now. But no, I’m not letting you see that! But do you know what’s even worse?” Jason continued, “I don’t know when these changes are going to stop. I thought my tits wouldn't grow after they appeared, but I’ve gained a full cup size since then and they’re still getting bigger! I'm going to go broke buying bras if this keeps up!"

“Damn that’s…too bad.” Thomas didn’t sound very disappointed.

“Yeah, I guess Marsha really wasn’t kidding when she said she’d make me pay. Should’ve known better than to date a witch; break-ups are already bad enough.”

“Definitely. Speaking of which, Sarah actually dumped me on Saturday, so if you happen to be free tonight after work…I know a couple of nice places in town. You know, just in case you were interested…”

“Thanks, but I'm already meeting Bobby to go dancing, Stephen for dinner, and Fred for drinks afterwards. But if you're free around 2 AM, I could pencil you in as a booty call.”

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